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  1. So, we've all had them. Those moments where you are absolutely convinced that a player/team/league/ect is going to end up a certain way, only to find out years later that you're about as wrong as it gets. I tend to make quite a few grandiose statements when it comes to sports, and I've had times where I've come off looking pretty convincingly right. BUT, I've also had more than one moment where, in retrospect, I've looked like a total fool, as well. My favorite was the time when I thought Bruce Bochy was an amazingly stupid hire for the San Francisco Giants. Everybody point and laugh at Bucfan. Now, who's brave enough to step up and talk about a time when they MONUMENTALLY stepped in it when it comes to sports? Also, let's not make this a thread where we call OTHERS out for their stupid opinions. Let's focus squarely on our own stupidity