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    New to the forum, but I've been a lurker for a while now. Being that I am a Titans fan and that there has been quite a bit of talk about them and their new uniforms lately I figured I would give things a shot. This is not how I envision them to do things at all, but more like how I would do it i it were up to me. I did take a few design cues away from some of the sneak peaks though. Going off of there "Tradition Evolved" campaign motto, I did just that by merging a similar styling and color scheme with some modern updates. Let me know what you think. AWAY HOME COLOR RUSH
  2. The Tennessee Titans' logo and uniforms and I have had a bit of an on-again-off-again relationship over the years. When I first remember seeing them in the Super Bowl against the Rams in 2000, I was in love with the logo, cuz, you know, FLAMES!!!!!!!! I was five then. As I got older, I soured on the logo, thinking the flames were over the top and the Titans would be better off using the sword alternate logo or the thumbtack roundel. The Titans' refusal to wear reasonable uniforms combos also drives me nuts. The helmet striping doesn't really go with anything and the brashier stripes on the pants don't feel right with the yoke, which has gotten too small over the years. The Uniforms have some good ideas, but I'm not crazy about the execution. Lately, the uniforms are still a mess, but I have come around on the idea of flames for the Titans. I think that is something they can own and it really just works. I do not care for the T logo. Besides the comparison to a thumbtack as far as it's shape goes, it feels small contained within the shield or roundel or whatever the circle is. The Titans logo should be big, "titanic" and the T should be the focal point, IMO. I threw out the bathwater, but kept the baby. The colors remain the same, but the Flaming T is bigger and bolder. I don't think this is a finished product but I'm also not entirely sure what parts of the logo needs more work so, please feel free to offer and C&C. I would really appreciate it. Once the logo gets to a good place, I'll work on some new uniforms to go with the updated logo. Thanks for having a look.
  3. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

    Hey all! Here's a mockup I did for the UniWatch Challenge for redesigning the Tennessee Titans. The sleeve pattern comes from the Greek origin of a titan. I also wanted to incorporate the baby blue as no other NFL team really uses that color. Lastly, I went with the 1973 Houston Oilers throwback, mostly because of the one helmet rule. Let me know what you think! Jake Manternach
  4. Tennessee Titans Logo Concept

    I am trying to learn Illustrator so I did a Tennessee Titans concept. This is nowhere near good IMO so I would really appreciate some suggestions and constructive critiscme Titans.svg
  5. The new primary logo is a cleaned up and sleeker version of the Titans current (?) alt logo. The flaming thumbtack is gone and the shield is completely inspired by the Tennessee State Flag. You'll hear that again shortly. The Script logo repeats the three stars from the State Flag. Navy blue is the dominate color with Titans Blue fulfilling a secondary mark. The Secondary logo is the Shield from the State Flag and would likely go at midfield rather than the primary. I was tempted to put this on the helmet. The Tetriary mark is more of the Social Media mark as the Primary logo is more long than it is wide so a more square image would have a better presence. The social media logo originally had slightly different coloration from the primary (solid Titan Blue hilt) The helmet changes from White to Silver for a more gladiator look while the Primary Logo features on the side. The helmet striping is Navy-White-Navy Continuing the theme of referencing the State Flag, in addition to cleaning up the uniform tops, the unbalanced striping of the State Flag is reflected on the pant striping. As is standard for the NFL these days mix matching Jerseys/Pants is of course an option. But the flag references don't stop as I turn the entire tops into the flag pattern. Originally the pants were red too but I thought that was entirely too much and navy pants reminded me too much of the Texans. Here's my concept so C+C away!