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  1. A competition for the competitive. A series of challenges that will bring out the creativity within each competitor. A tournament where only one will emerge victorious. Ladies and gentlemen...the first annual Knockout Games! The Knockout Games require competitors to submit a variety of sports-related concepts that will go head-to-head in 1v1 match-ups. Through a long process and a large number of challenges, the community will decide the eventual winner. Competitors will be paired randomly in 1v1 matches for each round. Each competitor will receive an email informing them of who they will be facing. No one but they and their opponent will know until the voting phase is over. Unless it is necessary, competitors will not face each other more than once. All competitors will be given the same challenge. They will have one to two weeks to submit their concept, depending on the difficulty. If competitors do not submit their concept in time, they will forfeit their matchup for that round. Two days after the submission deadline, the voting phase will begin. Concepts will be shown but competitors' names will not be revealed until after the voting is over. Voting will take place for three days. Voters are allowed one vote per matchup, however they do not have to vote in every matchup. Competitors are not allowed to vote for their own concept. A strike is given to the competitor who loses their matchup. Once a competitor exceeds three strikes they will be eliminated from the tournament. Competitors will also receive a strike if they do not submit a matchup on time. If both competitors in a matchup do not submit on time, they will both receive a strike, no winner will be declared, and their matchup will not be shown during the voting phase. In the event of a tie, the final vote will be decided by a panel of three judges. Scroll down for more details... If an odd number of competitors are eliminated, there will be one unpaired competitor in the next round. In the event that this happens, a wild card will be selected from the previous round's eliminated competitors by the same judging panel as an opponent for the unpaired contestant. Again, more details are below... Want in? Shoot me an email at j4anderes at gmail dot com. Include the subject name Knockout Games and leave me with your CCSLC name. To enter, you must have both an email and a CCSLC account. DEADLINE TO ENTER IS SATURDAY, JANUARY 13TH, AT 6 PM EST. You can also apply to be a part of the judging panel. However, there are some things you should know before you do. You can be both a judge and a competitor. However you will not be able to cast a tie-breaking vote in a matchup that showcases your concept. In that case I will take your place in the voting process for that matchup. If two judges are somehow paired against each other and go to a tiebreaker vote, the third judge will cast the single tie-breaking vote. As a judge you will also be unable to select your concept as a wild card. As a judge, you will only take part in the tie-breaker voting and the wild-card selections. The rest, such as counting votes, making challenges, etc. is up to me, the commissioner. You will not be allowed to vote during the regular voting phase. You can only do so during tiebreaker cases. Please do not apply unless you can make a commitment to this job. Not that it's hard or overly important, but there are things you should keep in mind. There will be little time to cast your vote or make your wild card selections, two days at max. Again, nothing crazy, just something to remember. This is a first come-first serve basis, so if you're one of the first three to apply, you're a judge. Shoot me an email at j4anderes at gmail dot com. Title the subject Knockout Judge and also let me know if you are entering as a competitor. DEADLINE TO APPLY IS SATURDAY, JANUARY 13TH, AT 6PM EST. ******** Good luck to everyone who enters!
  2. Updated 3/31: Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set Elite 8 Complete/Final Four Set: First Four: On Off Sweet 16 Complete: First Four On First Four Off Round of 32 Complete: First Four On First Four Off Round of 64 Complete: First Four On First Four Off First Four Round of 64 with First Four off Release (3840x2160) A new year, a new theme and look. Info after the photo. - A clean look, optimized for larger, hopefully easier to read school/team name and overall record text. - Tournament Title in white and black trim, with an orange shadow - Round of 64 teams will have smaller logos than in last years first round. In addition, Round of 64 team records will be replaced with that Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight features a slightly smaller pod, but a more vertical logo. Above the divider will be the school name, and below will be the Team's game score. - Round of 32 through the Elite Eight orange end caps will be changed to the team's color once they advance. - The Final Four, black team pod with orange gradient trim. - National Championship matchup features black team pods with gold gradient trim. Note: The "First Games" are at the bottom center of the bracket, but may be covered by a app dock or other apps. I've turned on dock hiding and that fixes the issue. But once the First Four is complete, I'll remove the first four pods for a cleaner bracket. C&C: I thought about lightening the background, as it's a little darker here than I anticipated, then again it might just be the perfectionist in me.
  3. I recently caught interest in the CHL (Champions Hockey League), A tournament where the best clubs in Europe compete. I thought I would try to make a "European Super League". So I went and found 2 teams from the following leagues SHL, Liiga, Czech Extraliga, DEL, GET-ligaen and the Austrian Ice Hockey League. France and Denmark will get League National Teams where they select the best players of national origin from their country's leagues to represent at the ESL. So I present to you the 2016 European Super League. The Stars on the crest represent the founding countries (Austria, Czechia, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland) Team Pools All The Team Jerseys will be released another day. C&C is always appreciated, thank you.
  4. This apparently happened last year but I just stumbled upon it today. The 2015 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament in Greensboro logo looks extremely similar to a logo of my own that I created two years ago (one year prior to the 2015 ACC tournaments) for a former assistant coach at St. Joe's who was planning to start his own youth basketball camp called "School of Hoops". I'm not surprised anymore to see work stolen/plagiarized from me or other honest designers out there, since this is definitely not the first time this has happened to me, but the reason this feels different is that I am kind of surprised that one of the largest conferences in the country would be stooped by whoever they contracted to design this. I know the SEC goes to the big guys like Joe Bosack or TJ Harley for their tournament logos which would more or less guarantee the authenticity of each logo created. The composition of the logos is really nothing unique or groundbreaking. I can't claim ownership to the idea of words arched/over under a ball of some kind and a shield since there are probably plenty of other logos out there with similar traits and we are all inspired by what's been done even if it is subconsciously, but when looking at my logo side by side with the ACC logo, there is no doubt in my mind that the ACC logo is just an alteration of what I started since every bit of line work is identical. I overlapped the ACC logo on top of mine and it is identical. The identical highlighting and line work on the ball is what struck me the most. I don't really intend to pursue this since it'd just be a useless headache, but I was wondering if anyone had info on who the ACC hired to 'design' this particular 2015 women's tourney logo. I broke down the basic similarities in the image below. I saw the logo still in use on the ACC's website as well as in videos of the actual games.
  5. NBA uni set tournament

    Would anyone be interested in putting together an NCAA-style 32- or 64-item tournament of NBA uniforms for the site to vote on? I'd be interested to see which ones advanced in certain matchups. We'd need classics like the Shaq-era Magic; "Irish Rainbow" Bucks; MJ Bulls; "Rainbow Skyline" Nuggets; Baby Blue Kings; blue-and-green Hawks (and/or Pac Man-era Hawks); 1974-81 Cavs; Mourning-era Hornets and Heat (what was it about him and good uniforms?); original Grizzlies and Raptors; 1980s and/or 1990s Pacers; and many, many more. I'd think every team could have at least one representation, especially if we did 64 sets.
  6. It’s back!! Here we go with another year of March Madness. I plan to update on Friday night and Sunday night and will try to include scores. Enjoy!! Edit 3/18: Fixed a regional site error. 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Championship Final Four Elite 8 Sweet 16!! Round 2 Round 1 Size: 3840x2160
  7. It's named "CCSLC Forum Brackets", and the password is "ccslcforum". I didn't put a year in the name of the group because I wanted it to be one that everyone can rejoin every year without it having the previous year in the title. If you are interested in joining, please post that here so that we know who is playing. If you decide to play, please name the bracket with your CCSLC usersname (you don't have to rename your username) so that we know which brackets are associated with which people. ONLY one bracket per person per group. Same group name and password for the following sites... ESPN Group CBS Sports Group (No longer being used) Yahoo! Group (No longer being used) NCAA March Madness Group (No longer being used) Because the ESPN group gets a better showing, I encourage everyone to join that one. If there isn't a good showing in the other groups this year, they will likely not be continued in following years. 2016 EDIT: All the groups above except for the NCAA March Madness group were reactivated. I had to make a new group for the NCAA March Madness group because the NCAA site doesn't save groups from previous years. All the links above should work for this year. The Sports Illustrated group and Fox Sports group from last year (2015) were removed because of lack of people. New for this year (2016), here's an ESPN Group for the women's basketball tournament... ESPN Group (Women's Tournament) ESPN Second Chance (Restart Bracket at Sweet 16) ESPN Second Chance Group 2017 EDIT: All the groups from 2016 are back and the links should work. Again, I encourage everyone to join the ESPN one because it gets the best participation. The Second Chance group will be reactivated once ESPN has it up again. 2018 EDIT: Only doing ESPN groups (men's and women's tournaments, and second chance) this year due to low participation in other groups.