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Found 4 results

  1. CCSLC Social Media Hub

    From the "Twitter Users Unite!" thread I've plumbed every working twitter handle from that thread as well as ones that are well-known from the board that have been shared elsewhere. If you either want your twitter handle added/removed/edited just let me know. I figured we could use a fresh start from that thread since it's kind of a weird thread that spans several years. In addition if any of you keep up blogs, websites, podcasts, etc., post them and I will add them to your group. ---------------- # 1990hornet: twitter 9ersSteve: dribbble A agentrygraphics: twitter Atomic: twitter - designs - website B BelfourThibault: instagram Ben5: twitter BgMack27: twitter BigBubba: twitter bigcoyotes: twitter Billy B: twitter BlazerBlaze: twitter Braden: twitter (personal) - twitter (design) - website - instagram Brandiose: twitter BrandMooreArt: twitter - dribbble - behance Brass: twitter bterreson: twitter Buc: dribbble - behance - facebook Bucfan56: twitter - facebook bucknut40: twitter buzzcut: twitter C cameroncrazie07: twitter cappital92: twitter CDixonDesign: twitter - dribbble charger77: twitter Chawls: twitter CC97: twitter - website - facebook chuckymack: twitter CityOfWalrus: twitter CJworks: twitter - dribbble ColorWerx: twitter - blog (coming soon) Connor Hanley: instagram Conrad.: twitter - website - dribbble crashcarson: twitter - facebook - instagram - tumblr CS85: twitter - website - tumblr - facebook - cargo collective - bandcamp Cujo: twitter D davidson: twitter - website - dribbble derschwigg: twitter - website Drew22: twitter - facebook - instagram drdougfresh: twitter - website - dribbble - behance DrizzyDrew1523: twitter DustDevil61: twitter dwertman: twitter E epper: twitter Evan: twitter Ez Street: twitter F fiasco!: twitter FGM13: twitter Fonz: twitter fnz: twitter Funky Bunky: twitter G Gary.: twitter - facebook - website Generic: twitter Geoff: twitter GFB: twitter - dribbble Griffinmarlins: twitter - instagram H habsfan1: twitter I infrared41: twitter (personal) - twitter (Basically Sports) - twitter (Basically Football) - tumblr (BASS) - tumblr (personal) J jayjackson3: twitter - dribbble Jimmy!: twitter jmac11281: twitter jonkj: twitter Joshawaggie: twitter K Kaz: twitter KdubK414: twitter Kevin W. : twitter L lbr218: twitter Lee.: twitter LEWJ: twitter LMU: twitter M Mac the Knife: twitter marble21: twitter MattF: twitter mattwillcox: twitter - dribbble McCall: twitter McCarthy: twitter (personal) - twitter (sports) - behance Mindless: twitter Mings: twitter Missouri Tigers: dribbble Mockba: twitter - facebook - behance - flickr - website mr.nascar13: twitter - instagram mr.negative15: twitter - website mrittenhouse84: twitter N njmeadowlanders: twitter NJTank: twitter O officeglenn: twitter oz615: twitter P patsox: twitter PSUcelticsWON95: twitter - PSN: PSUceltics95 - Steam: WON95sr Q R raysox: twitter - dribbble Raysfan12: twitter RichardWitham: twitter S spyboy1: twitter sc49erfan15: twitter Seadragon76: twitter Shumway: twitter - instagram - untappd slapshot: twitter - dribbble Sodboy13: twitter sonny: twitter speedy: website - instagram sportsstar1212: twitter Still_MIGHTY: twitter (personal) - twitter (Basically Sports) - twitter (Basically Football) T TalktoChuck: twitter - dribbble - behance - instagram Ted Cunningham: twitter Thad: twitter - PSN: mountaineertider The Nation: twitter TFoA: twitter tj4eck: twitter - instagram - tumblr: 1 2 3 4 5 TopCat: twitter TTaylor44: twitter U V vicfurth: instagram Viper: twitter W Webhamster: twitter - tumblr - flickr - instagram wildwing64: twitter - tumblr Willini: dribbble - behance willmorris: twitter winters in buffalo: twitter - flickr - instagram - untappd X Y youcan'tseeme: twitter Z
  2. I was scrolling through Twitter today at sports teams profiles, and noticed one that caught my eye. I don't know why but I just had an urge to make a thread for the best Twitter profiles. I made a tournament for all the Big 4 teams. TOURNAMENT LENGTH: 2/19-3/27 (sorry for the length, it's hard to fit all 122 teams into a couple days, but hey, Veras just hit 2 years on the AFA, soooo...yeah) Matchup Schedule But, If you don't want to be involved in the tournament, what are some of your favorite team Twitter covers/profile pics?
  3. Social Media Graphics

    Not sure if anything like this has been posted before, but what teams do people think have the best (or worst) social media graphics? Some examples that stood out to me:
  4. My Soccer Concepts

    Hi guys! My name is Lucas, I am the blog Elece Athletic ( There in the blog posts I make related to sports desgin, primarily focused on football, or "soccer". Not to be opening a topic for every post I make, I decided to open this, to be able to post my concepts related to soccer. I'm accepting requests for you. I hope you enjoy. Starting with 1860 M√ľnchen from 2.Bundesliga: Follow us on Twitter: @Elece Athletic Follow us on Instagram: @Elece Athletic