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Found 6 results

  1. Which is the most impressive to you? Personally, I'd have to go with UCLA, as most of UConn's women's games have been blowouts. You could argue that since UConn dominated most of their opponents, they are the most impressive. But I'm a sucker for close games. But winning 100 in a row is pretty damn impressive, it possibly will never be beaten again.
  2. UCONN Huskies Update

    So here's my first football concept! When UConn unveiled their new athletic logos/uniforms last year i was not a fan of their football uniforms. Especially their helmets with the logo in the center stripe.. So I made some slight adjustments.
  3. UConn Football Concept

    Mostly minor changes besides the helmet and pants, but I felt that I wanted to stay simple and elegant, much like the Husky.
  4. uconn rebranding need feedback

    first post to and i need feedback. Enjoy!
  5. UConn Hockey

    As most of you know, the UConn Huskies previewed their new logo on new uniforms. In this preview they included the Huskies' new hockey uniform. And oh boy, they are not so great. They feel very empty to me. The stripes are thin and the logo is small. Here is a picture of them. So I decided I would try to make a better UConn Hockey jersey. I was disappointed in the lack of grey in all the uniforms. I really liked the hint of grey in the old UConn uniforms. So I decided I would put a touch of grey in the striping. One thing I did like is the amount of red used in them. So I kept the red.
  6. New UConn Logo

    Per UniWatch: