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Found 12 results

  1. When I was in my early teens, my parents bought me NCAA Football 98 for the computer. I really enjoyed the game, and it was very well-designed for the most part: 100+ schools; full-season play with rankings, major bowl games, and major awards; school fight songs; decent playbooks; something approximating logos on the helmets. It was a very good game for the late 1990s---not as good as the Football Pro series overall, but distinctly collegiate and lots of fun. Anyway, despite the overall quality, there were two details that I have since learned were wrong. One, LSU by default wears yellow jerseys over white pants at home in that game. Two, Missouri's colors are green and gold in the game instead of black and gold. (Come to think of it, I think the latter was also the case in that college hoops game for the Super Nintendo even earlier.) I was wondering: have you guys and gals noticed any similar errors in other games? (Incidentally, Football Pro 98 has the Eagles wearing kelly-green-and-gray even though they were in their second season with their current and inferior color scheme.)
  2. THE Video Game Thread

    I've been contemplating starting this thread for some time now. I can't find any other threads that are just video game threads. I've seen, what game are you looking forward to, or game specific threads, but not just, (One thread to rule them all... Sorry, couldn't resist ) a video game thread. So there you have it. The Only thread on CCSLC that is just about video games. Alright, so I'm a Gamer. No question. I love them. I play Halo: Reach a lot now, (and I just a Killtacular on Team SWAT.) My favorite game of all-time is Assassin's Creed II. Just a freaking awesome game, and awesome series. Brotherhood was pretty good. Any one else enjoy that series? I love the Mass Effect series, and I'm stoked for ME3 in 2012. Any Mass Effect lovers out there? I am also so stoked for Gears of War 3. Fantastic series. I will buy the game as soon as it comes out. Here's a question for the CCSLC community at large, Halo or Call of Duty?
  3. Unused Uniforms In Video Games

    The Packers Have Yellow Alts In Madden. I Heard NFL 2k5 Had TONS Of Unused Uniforms
  4. Before I started posting NHL concepts, by hand, there was the V.V.G.L. My first series that I posted back in 2012, consisting of the following teams, representing the following video game franchises... Anaheim Assassins: Goldeneye 007 New York Rollers: Crazy Taxi Series San Jose Metroids: Metroid Prime Series Calgary Mario's: Mario Series New York Wake: Wave Race Series Toronto Sonics: Sonic Series Edmonton Triforce: Zelda Series Pittsburgh Pacmen: Pacman Series Vancouver Jetsets: Jet Set/Grind Radio Series Minnesota Yoshi's: Yoshi/Mario Series Montreal Quake: Quake Series Victoria Knights: Heroes of Might & Magic Series Wanting a break from my current, NHL, series; I decided to redo the entire league and expand it to 14 teams. V.V.G.H.L. sounded a bit clunky so I changed the name to simply VGHL. A few franchises have moved or changed altogether and the league is now divided into two conferences. Here are the 14 teams I will be posting: Western Conference Eastern Conference Anaheim Assassins: Goldeneye 007 Brooklyn Gear: Metal Gear Solid Series Calgary Marios: Mario Series Florida Pacmen: Pac Man Series Chicago Street Fighters: Street Fighter Series Montreal Quake: Quake Series Edmonton Triforce: Zelda Series New York Rollers: Crazy Taxi Series Minnesota Knights: Heroes of Might & Magic Series Ottawa S.T.A.R.S: Resident Evil Remake San Jose Metroids: Metroid Prime Series Pittsburgh Yoshi's: Yoshi/Mario Series Vancouver Jetsets: Jet Set/Grind Radio Series Toronto Sonics: Sonic Series I will be alternating between Western and Eastern conference teams, starting from the North down. First up are the Vancouver Jetsets (coming very shortly).
  5. Hey guys, I have a new tee up on Cotton Bureau (it went live today) I know there's some old heads in here who remember going to a thing called the arcade back in the day. Well this starfighter was from one of the best games ever: Galaga. Pick one up if you'd like or pass on the link to friends and family. Thanks for your time. -MEANS
  6. My Baseball Mogul '16 League

    Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to offer the opportunity to create logos, except perhaps by modifying them in Paint. If anyone would like to create appropriately-colored logos for any of these teams, that'd be awesome, but nobody has to. Anyway, I just started a custom league in 1914, featuring all-fictional players and teams. There are 24 teams total, 12 in the NL and 12 in the AL. Each league is divided evenly into East and West divisions. I'll begin in the AL East, with the team I'm mostly controlling, the Providence Steamrollers of Providence, Rhode Island. I named them after the old Providence Steam Roller who played in the NFL in the 1920s; originally, I created this team in Baseball Pro '96 back in the late '90s or early '00s (this is the case with many of these teams). The Steamrollers are led by a do-it-all lefty ace named Pat McGary; the 34-year-old submarine-style hurler never gets as high as 70 with his fastball, but has an excellent screwball and two curveballs, and also throws a slow knuckler (~50 mph) and a frisbee slider (low 60s). The Steamrollers have the most conservative uniforms in baseball; here they are: Teams colors are navy blue (0-0-50) and grey (180-180-180). They wear only white and grey caps; they have unused alternates with blue caps. They wear pinstripes only on Sundays. Note: Next upload, I'll have to find a way to zoom in on the uniforms, because this doesn't give you a very good view.
  7. Baseball Mogul uniforms

    Mods: Feel free to place this in the appropriate forum if this isn't it. I used to love Baseball Mogul, but it bothered me that all the teams and players looked the same. Beginning with Baseball Mogul 14 (paradoxically, the 2013 version of the game), players can design team uniforms in a limited fashion. Choices are limited to hat color, shirt color, pants color, and pinstripe color (I believe pinstripes can be turned on and off as well). That opens up another world in terms of the visual aspect of the game (although I wish they'd include sock color for all uniforms, and shirt and pants stripes for non-pinstriped ones). I'm wondering if I should get it now - it's only $25. I loved the career play and the wide variety of pitches available on the old games, plus of course the historical aspect of it, and I'm sure those have only gotten better in the intervening years. So, for those who have BBMogul 14 and the uniform design options expand any in the later games? Do 15 and 16 have any huge updates that make them worth the extra money? How much do the custom unis improve the visual aspect? Do any of them have custom logos or stadium backdrops enabled? Any input is much appreciated.
  8. My Madden NFL Ideas

    Here are some ideas for future Madden games I would to see. 1: Create a team with NCAA Football's TeamBuilder format. (Can also recreate classic teams. Can edit #2 & #3 in it.) 2: Choose to play in all Super Bowl Stadiums and Classic Stadiums (Seen on NFL Gameday franchise) 3: Choose to play as classic teams with their era's coach, players, stadium, equipment, etc. 4: Ability to add classic & custom teams and stadiums into Franchise mode. 5: More classic uniforms for all 32 teams (Seen in ESPN NFL 2K series). 6: Ability to play Pro Bowl in Exhibition mode. 7: Ability to set your home and away uniforms for all teams without both teams playing in their home uniforms. 8: Ability to set future Super Bowl sites and try to win to host Super Bowl (Franchise Mode Only). 9: Postseason Mode: Set up and play in the NFL Postseason and try to win the Super Bowl. 10: Have graphics from broadcasts (CBS, ESPN, FOX, & NBC) & add custom songs (PS3 & Xbox 360 Only).
  9. Biggest Tetris Game Ever

    Cira Centre in Philadelphia is lit by led lights in the corners of each window. It lets them put logos and other designs there. It's pretty tacky if you ask me, but nobody did. As the kickoff of Philly Tech Week, it's become tradition to turn the building in to a big video game screen.. Last year they played Pong on it, this year it was Tetris. You could literally grab a controller and play on the "screen". They're building two more of these buildings in this area - one will look pretty much the same but be significantly taller, so I would expect this record to be broken when it opens in late 2016 or early 2017. Here's what it looks like in the day. Here's an example of the tacky LED lights used for a Phillies logo.
  10. I've been a long time lurker around these part and decided to finally become a member. Looking around I didn't see any thread about sports video games and I thought I'll start one. Disclaimer: I didn't create anything in this thread, all the credit goes the video game companies, the sport leagues, and the the fine modders on the following websites. I also will be only posting a few of my favorites so that others may take the time to find others that interest them. The Games: NBA 2K, NBA Live, Madden, NHL, MVP Baseball, and MLB 2K To start is one of my favorite games NBA 2K. It's the only team sports game beside FIFA to have current releases every year. I haven't bought NBA 2K14 yet so all of the pictures below will be from NBA 2K13. The website: Courts 1. Spectrum 1982 - 1984 Creator: retroman 2. Milwaukee Buck Irish Rainbow Court creator: iamLillard 3. Barclay Center creator: Sixers85 4. New Orleans Pelicans Fictional Court creator: .aristotle
  11. CCSLC NHL13 Tournament (Xbox)

    I know we have some NHL players on here. With 14 around the corner, maybe we can finally get a tourny going. If we have enough people I would like to do a pool/playoff format. I am only an Xbox user so I am tied to that. If anyone wants to start a PS3 version you are more than welcome to it. So, who is interested? Maybe we can get a nice little banner made for the winner.

    Hello all, recently I stumbled across the site and this bad boy in particular: I fell in love with this jersey, everything about it is simply perfect. I'm very strongly considering buying it and I just wanted to know if anyone out there has bought from this site before? How do the jerseys fit? Is it worth my money? Are they good quality? Do they ship on time/as advertised? Etc, etc.? Thanks for anyone who can help!