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Found 4 results

  1. Walleye Logo Concept

    If any of you have been following my American Premier League series you would have seen that Minnesota's identity is heavily walleye influenced and I wanted to make a walleye logo for the team that was modern and similar to the less cartoony Toledo Walleye logo. I couldn't get it to work on a soccer crest but I thought I could post it out here to see if there was anything I could do to improve it at all. (I'm not very familiar with doing fish designs so any CC would be very helpful). Also, thanks to @hettinger_rl for helping and giving some advise. Here it it in the colors from my concept league. And here it is in the colors of the Toledo Waleye
  2. Toledo Walleye Logo Concept

    Let me start by stating that I did not create this directly for the Toledo Walleye, I created it as just a walleye graphic and thought I'd try it for the them. In this application though I'm not sure if I'd want the white or light blue outline.
  3. This concept was started a few years ago here: . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  4. This started in the request section as a request by mattb6. I took the logo I put together for that request and tweaked a few things, this is what came of it. I'm thinking of using this as a shirt design or for my youtube channel. Tell me what you think.