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Found 26 results

  1. Johnny's Soccer Team Concepts for 2018-19

    I've been playing around with the PES kit creator and thought I'd share some of the designs that I'd like to see teams wearing next season. If there is a team you'd like me to come up with a design for, feel free to make a request. I'll start off with my favourite team: Bayern Munich. For the home kit, I wanted to go with a classic feel, I was mostly inspired by their red and white striped kit from 2010, which was a throwback to the early 1970's. Main Alt For the away, I wanted a classy looking white and red kit. I added the checker pattern as an homage to Bavaria. And with the third, I went with an intimidating black and red look. With the option for white shorts and/or socks in case of a kit clash.
  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Quite a few teams already qualified and more will qualify in the coming international break, so it's time.There's been a steady trickle of leaks for months, but now the leaks are really starting to be flooding in Logo Official Ball Referee kits (available in blue, black, red, yellow and green)
  3. Swedish National Soccer Team

    I'm jumping outside of my comfort zone a little with this one! I've barely ever dipped my toes into soccer concepts, but really wanted to today. A couple of things have inspired treading into the soccer waters. Firstly, I love Sweden's new crest and felt a nudge to make some kits to go along with it. Secondly, through some recent geneology work, I've discovered that a much deeper heritage based out of Sweden than I initially thought - one of my great-great grandmother's family generations back all hail from either the Jonkoping or Goteborg areas. So I've had a bit of a Sweden kick as of late due to that fun and personal discovery. Anyways, here's my best stab at a Sweden set. I wanted each kit to be simple and straightforwards, but still have a little something to give it some personality. The primary features a design centered on the flag cross, the navy second with utilization of the national colors as trim, and the white third features a front design meant to be an abstract representation of a viking ship sail. And yes, that's the throwback Adidas logo because I think it's better than the current. Here goes!
  4. Recently some of the details for Belgium and Adidas' World Cup 2018 kits were leaked. It was noted that 2018's kits would be more vintage and would draw from older retro kits. For Belgium's, it was leaked that the kit will draw on the famous 1984 Euro kits, which were most notable for the big argyle stripe on the front. Taking this knowledge, I mocked up what Belgium's kits could look like for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The primary kit, as usual, is a red shirt, but is paired with black shorts, hearkening back to the early days of the Belgian team. The most notable feature of the kit is the diamond pattern on the front, with a black and yellow diamond pattern across the chest. Above it are more dark red diamonds, in a gradient pattern. This pattern aims to draw from the retro design, but give it a modern twist. A black, gold and red trim is featured all over the kit, mimicking the Belgian national flag. For the secondary kit, I drew from the first ever Belgian national team kit, a white jersey with black, red, and yellow sleeve stripes and black shorts and socks. I made a fauxback of sorts, combining a few different eras and smaller details from across the team's history. For the jersey, I went with a cream color instead of a white, creating more of a vintage look. A dark cream horizontal pinstripe lies on the kit, fading as it descends. The crest is the original Belgian crest, which is found on both the shirt and shorts. The shorts and socks are the same as the primary kits'. Let me know what you think of the kits! Hope you enjoyed!
  5. Hey y'all! I've never really posted a topic before, so I feel like I should introduce myself a bit. I'm FlyingLamprey (please feel free to shorten this however you like - FL, Lamprey, etc), and I've been a member of the CCSLC boards for about 2 years now (joined in August of 2014), though I haven't really posted a lot. I've mostly spent my time on the boards observing and commenting on other people's concepts, and I'd like to think that I've learned and improved a lot over the years. I've had quite a few ideas bouncing around in my head, and this August I decided that I would get around to actually posting some of these ideas somewhere. With that said, here's my first series! Soccer! I love soccer! Second favorite sport of mine behind baseball. I also love the World Cup! A great way to bring the world together behind one concept (and to get us Americans actually interested in it for a month!). So, it only seems fitting that my first concept series on the forums would be to make jerseys and some logos for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Simple enough, right? Before I get started, however, a few things to note: I will post two nations a day (going in alphabetical order), starting today and ending on November 6th, though there's always the chance that I'm too busy that day to post (in which case the two will be added to the next day's posts) Not only have I created 32 different home and clash kits, I have also changed 13 different logos. This is because the old ones were either so outdated or ugly that they needed SOMETHING different (it also helps me practice logo making, something my other series are going to rely heavily on). My choices for countries were made when I started this in August, so you may see some teams here that have already been eliminated from World Cup qualifying (hi Canada!) Team choices are FINAL. As we go along, you may notice that I've left out some more traditional teams in lieu of some more unorthodox teams. The reason for this is threefold: 1) Traditional powerhouses normally have logos that don't need to be changed and I wanted to be able to make some logos, 2) I find myself rooting for the underdog a lot (I had a blast cheering on Iceland and Wales during this summer's Euro tournament), and 3) I'm a hater. This will not change no matter how much you bug me about it, so please save us all the trouble and don't. Once the actual World Cup field is finalized, I might go through and create concepts for the teams that I missed, so you can look forward to that. Other than that, I've got nothing else to add. Huge thanks to @raysox for the amazing template, happening to have logos when I couldn't find them, and general support; and another huge thanks to @timberwolf for giving me feedback on some designs. Enjoy the series, and please post your thoughts and what could be changed! I am always looking to improve, so C&C is always appreciated! I'll be posting the first two teams immediately after this post. TEAMS (in alphabetical order): Argentina Australia Belgium (v2) Bulgaria Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt France Germany Iceland Iran (v2) Ireland Italy Japan New Zealand Nigeria Russia Scotland Slovenia South Africa South Korea Switzerland
  6. Mezaball World Cup: Tonga 2016

    After looking back at my concepts, I decided to do a World cup of my fictional sport, Mezaball. It will be held in Tonga, in the Teufaiva Sports Stadium and the (fictional) Nuku'alofa Stadium. The 26 teams competing for gold this year are: Australian and Oceanian Mezaball Confederation (AOMC) Australia (1st) Papua New Guinea (4th) New Zealand (6th) Nauru (7th) Tonga (11th) Fiji (13th) Samoa (25th) European Mezaball Association (EMA) Great Britain (2nd) Ireland (5th) Denmark (10th) Croatia (12th) France (14th) Sweden (15th) Germany (18th) Finland (22nd) Iceland (26th) North American Mezaball Association (NAMA) USA (3rd) Canada (9th) African Mezaball Association (AMA) South Africa (8th) Mezaball Association of Asia (MAA) Japan (16th) Israel (17th) Indonesia (19th) Pakistan (20th) China (21st) East Timor (23rd) India (24th) This is the trophy they are competing for, the Barret Cup! C&C is appreciated! More to come tomorrow!
  7. World Cup of Hockey concepts

    World Cup of Hockey Concepts I made these about a year ago for a design contest on and since the world cup logos and jerseys were released last night I thought it might be fun to revisit them now. Now I will be the first to admit, some of these are crap. This was one of my first ventures into Photoshop and also one of the first times I've made a logo, so please keep that in mind when you are criticizing them. I may go back and do the US jersey again without the sash just for the hell of it so keep and eye out for that. Other than that, enjoy my concepts from last year and let me know what you think. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain (why not)
  8. Winter break means... not a lot to do so I can try to jump back into some jersey and logo concepts! This is hopefully be a series that will cover every NHL team. Some of them will get brand new logos, not all of them. I'm gonna start off with two rebranded teams: the Blackhawks today and the Avs tomorrow. Often designs I used will be influenced by other designers, and I'll try my best to give each of them credit. 1/30: Chicago Blackhawks Without having a huge political argument over whether or not the Blackhawks logo is offensive, I've always liked the idea of using a literal hawk in the logo instead of the Chief. This is obviously influenced by Mike Ivall's original design, as well as Brandon Moore's recent crack at it as well. As aesthetically appealing as the old shoulder logo was, I think the tomahawk motif is a bit outdated so I went more straightforward. I chose a path closer to the 60s-90s logo, where in normal application the Hawk has no outline, but on the jersey it has a gold outline. The jerseys are consistent with the ones now, although I changed the numbers on the aways to better balance out the red and black compared to now. C&C is of course appreciated, and I'll have a new Avs logo and jersey tomorrow!
  9. American Football Cup

    Watching the World Cup got me wishing that there was an American Football World Cup. I looked around to see if any other countries cared about football even a little bit and I found nothing. Either way it would still be a very long time before any country became competitive. I know there have been concepts about football in other countries and I loved them. So here is a new idea. Instead of countries competing against each other, states compete in the American Football Cup. Professional, College, and in some cases even High School players would play for their home state in a 32 team tournament every 4 years. Qualifying is very similar to the world cup. I divided the states into 5 "regions" (map below). Each team would play 3 qualifying games, against teams in their region, each of the 3 years prior to each Cup, for a total of 9 games. The 6 best teams in each region advance to the tournament. DC would qualify in place of the host team, who receives an automatic-qualification. For example, I chose my home state (South Carolina) as the host, so DC would replace SC in the southeast region. The Cup has 8 groups of 4 teams. Teams in the same region will not be placed in the same groups. Best record in each group advances to the 8 team knockout stage. The teams would play a max of 6 games throughout the tournament, 3 minimum. I used a random state generator to decide who made the cut. Each team has 2 helmets, jerseys, and pants which allow for multiple combos.
  10. Hi guys -- longtime lurker, first time poster. This idea came to me a few years ago after being inspired by a couple of really great concepts (Raysox's US Soccer 2030 and Patrick Cummings' America League) and the expansive nature of global football (thanks to all of the FIFA games). As the beautiful game began to grow throughout the world, the powers that be wanted to capture the pageantry and glory of the World Cup and apply it to the club level. Thus the idea for the United Continental Football Association was born. The concept was simply to create a worldwide league based on the 5 major continents: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia-Oceania (Asia + Australia). Each league would have a Championship tier of 20 teams and could fill out lower tiers as they pleased -- but a city was only allowed one team. Each continent would then send its champions to play for the World Continental Cup (WCC) at the end of the year to crown a World champion. After a few rounds of trial and error, the leagues were finalized as follows: North America North American Championship League (20 teams - 4 WCC births - 3 relegation teams) North American B League (24 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) North American C League (24 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) North American D League (24 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) South America South American Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 2 relegation teams) South American B League (12 teams - 2 promotion teams) Africa African Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 2 relegation teams) African B League (12 teams - 2 promotion teams) Europe European Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 3 relegation teams) European B League (20 teams - 3 promotion teams - 3 relegation teams) European C League (20 teams - 3 promotion teams) Asia-Oceania Asia-Oceania Championship League (20 teams - 3 WCC births - 3 relegation teams) Asia-Oceania B League (20 teams - 3 promotion teams) 10 seasons were played and met with unquestioned success and the UCFL was officially here to stay. I have results for all 10 seasons and plan on posting some fun stuff around the WCC and regional tournaments, but for now, this thread will focus only on the teams in the Championship Leagues going into Season 11. (Feel free to shoot me a note if you are interested in the league tables and process for simulating the leagues) I am only focusing on the North American Championship League at the moment but my goal is to eventually get to the entire world. Here is a preview of the Championship Leagues -- the teams I will be posting can be found in the far left column (the rest are just the city names): Just so you all know, the cities and structure are set in stone and the teams in the championship leagues are based off of 10 seasons of simulation -- not by personal choice or bias. Hope you all enjoy this series and looking forward to your C&C/feedback.
  11. So my Tropics identity project and role in the WIHF project has taken a backseat to the HJC World Cup of Hockey Competition for a couple of days. I know a few other people have posted regarding that So I won't bore you with any details about it other than I did each team that was eligible for entries except for Russia. I just couldn't come up with anything that I really liked for them and I've seen a couple of other Russia entries in the contest and it'd be downright rude of me to even try to beat them. So I'll post one or two of these a day to keep this going and get as many comments as I can. Just because I sent these in to HJC for the contest doesn't mean I'm not willing to change them up for display on my personal sites. First up, the fine U S of A Oversized yoke, Bold classic striping and numbers. Shield logo is based on the shield used in last year's Olympics. Maybe you can't see it but the shield features some subtle stars behind the "USA".
  12. I made these two images to celebrate Germany's World Cup win. They're based on the Brazilian national flag and "Das Schone Spiel" translates as "The Beautiful Game"
  13. Mexico made it to the Elite 8 in Raysox's Creamer Concept World Cup. I am stunned. That isn't me trying to be humble; that's me being legitimately surprised. I thought it was going to tank even as I submitted it. I was fairly confident the kits looked OK, but the crest is where I fell short, if you ask me. Despite Mexico getting out of the Round of 16 for the first time in six World Cups, I'm looking to figure out what worked for you and what didn't. Anyway, below is the official entry. Have at it. All C&C is welcome and appreciated. Here is Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación (or FMF, or FEMEXFUT). The more I looked at and researched Mexico and its crest, the more I came to appreciate it and all that was included in it. One thing I knew had to stay was the golden eagle, the national symbol of Mexico. Inspiration for the kits came from a portion of the original crest I left out: the Aztecs. The waves (part of the Aztec symbol for "stone") on the home kit symbolize the stone on which Tenochtitlan was founded (this is also present in the Mexican coat of arms). The black away kit returns, but has sublimated jaguar spots, harkening back to Aztec jaguar warriors.
  14. USA Soccer Logo/Crest Update

    What's up everyone- I am not a huge soccer fan but after watching the world cup I was inspired to rebrand the team. Although i did like some aspects of the teams current look, I think it could be improved. Team USA's current look: I like: -Keeping a "crest" or "shield" as a predominant logo -Stars and stripes, the most iconic symbols of america -Obviously red, white, and blue I DO NOT like: -Abbreviated "US" rather than "USA" -The pretense of the soccer ball looks amateur and not necessary -Light blue & light red look more playful than aggressive and powerful -Beveled stars are inconsistant and also unnecessary Here is mine! Uniforms are coming soon. What do you think? Thanks! ------------update! Here is some updates based on your responses! I tried to cover all of the requests. What are your thoughts on these?
  15. Palms Coast is a fictional Nation I made up. I made a flag, soccer crest, and kits. The presentation is here: Please check it out guys, if anyone feels like making their own country (or already has), it's okay if you post it here. Thanks!
  16. World Cup Group A Kit Concepts

    I did a bunch of Home Away Alt kits for all for all teams of Group A Brazil, Cameroun, Mexico, Croatia. I also did keeper kits in addition to the regular kits links are below if you want to check them all out if World Cup fever has set in. I am working on doing all of the groups but prob won't get to all of them. USA & England up next Cameroun Kits Brazil Kits Mexico Kits Croatia Kits Keeper Kits Keeper Kits Keeper Kits Keeper Kits
  17. Anti-FIFA protesting in Brazil

    Since their is no thread about how crappy FIFA is, and how some Brazilians don't want the World Cup or Olympics to take place in Brazil. I thought I would start a thread. Since Brazilians are protesting the Brazilian government and FIFA for the Brazilians government spending on 12 World Cup Stadiums. And countless Anti-Fifa graffiti has covered the streets of Brazil and videos have surfaced of the protests of the World Cup in Brazil. Many of the protesters are protesting because of the corrupt Brazilian government and how they are spending taxpayers money on stadiums instead of on hospitals or public transportation, you know something that will actually help the people of Brazil. But no, they spend money on stadiums they will likely never use again. This is very shocking because we all know how much Brazilians love their soccer. So what is your intake on this situation, do you agree with the people of Brazil or do you side with the corrupt officials of the Brazilian government and FIFA?
  18. Alright boys, here is my idea for a new competition. I really hate doing them back to back, with the European Soccer Concept Cup, but I thought that this idea was so good, that it had to be done. This will work like the real World Cup. 8 groups of 4 play eachother to get to the knockout round, trying to get crowned the best team in the world. But here is the twist. We're doing it with concepts. The first 32 people that sign up will get teams. Those 32 people will be broken up into 4 different pots. The best 8 designers in the opinion of me and some friends will be seprated. Then the next 8, then the next 8, and the next 8. You following up to this point? Good. From there, one designer from each set will be drawn into all 8 real world cup groups. So we will have 1 great designer, 1 good, then 1 lesser designer, and 1 new designer. I hope no one will be upset regarding their ranking, it's all relative, and will assure that one group wont be stacked to heavily. Now you're saying, but what do i have to design? That's the fun part. When all 32 people are drawn into their groups, I will randomly assign a country to you. So who knows, a great designer would have to do a set for Cameroon, while a weaker designer will have the duty to deisgn Brazil. You will need to create one image of 2 uniforms, one home and one clash, that correspond to your country's colors and designs. You will also need to make a unique logo for your country. I understand some designs will carry over(Croatia and checkers), but as long as you make your own, you will be okay. You can submit your concept via PM or emailing me at I have a request, if you PM'd me for the ESCC, use the same conversation please. Saves space. The design period will last until June 23rd(we'll have the countries picked by this weekend). That is when the 3rd group games will start. On June 23-24th, the voting for Groups A B C D will be open. On June 25-26th, the voting for Groups E F G H will be open. After the 26th, the best two teams in each round will advance to a World Cup knockout tournament. The winner of Group A will match up against the runner up of Group B, and so on. Those rounds will be open for 2 days. Ultimately, the knockout tournament will be finished the 4th of July. Please ask questions because I'm sure that there will be some things that come up. 32/32 spots filled
  19. I usually post my concepts once they're pretty well developed but I thought I'd try jumping in a bit earlier in the process this time. It started with a doodle. I was on a call the other day and I started doodling a soccer ball. I was zoning out and thinking about the World Cup coming up and how terrible our current crest was. As I was sketching I started turning the pentagonal panels of the ball into another 5-centric shape, a star. Now, I've since done some Google searching and I've learned that I'm clearly not the first person to make this geometric connection. However, that makes it all the more painful to me that the US Soccer logo doesn't utilize it! Today I did some more sketches and came up with a layout that I think works quite well for a crest (excuse the terrible S, I've always struggled with that letter): The star-studded ball defines the bottom shape of the crest (I've always loved crests that use this shape). Then there are red & white stripes which pay homage to the Centennial crest and fixes the dumbfounding blue stripe issue with the current crest. Lastly a bold, block USA at the top rather than the Helvetica Bold Italic they use now. Like I said, still rough but I think it has some potential. I'll update later with some vector comps. Updates: Jump to the rough crest. Jump to the updated crest. Jump to the rough roundel. Jump to the updated roundel. Jump to the change kit. Buy it on a t-shirt! Jump to the home & Captain America kits.
  20. I have been searching everywhere on the Internet to see if any company has designed and produced a t-shirt for this year's FIFA World Cup with the groups and qualified teams on it. But to no avail, it seems like no company, not even FIFA, has designed a shirt like this. In previous World Cups (2010, 2006, and 2002) FIFA produced a t-shirt with the group participants after the Finals Draw. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to assist me in designing the shirt. I want to have the Brazil 2014 theme throughout (like on the FIFA website). The back would be a ball representing the world split into eight equal parts. Each part would be for each group (A to H) and the participants in each group. They would be in he specific 2014 World Cup font with either the country's flag or FA logo. On the front I would like to have a graphic of the country of Brazil with the 12 cities that are hosting matches. Plus have the World Cup emblem and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 around it (with the specific font). After it is designed, I can get it produced here in the city I live so that us bloggers could have a reminder of this year's big event. Anyone who helps me would get a shirt for free (including shipping) but others would only pay a small fee. Anyone wanting to help out a novice concept maker?
  21. Logos for Holidays. (Kwanzaa)

    In honor of the World Cup this year, I decided to make soccer crests for certain holidays or special days. I just wondered what it would look like if holidays had logos. Feel free to make and post your own if you want. Since it's New Years Day, here's my crest for 1/1/14
  22. Hi all, I've been meaning to post here for a while, and thought you guys might be interested in a project I've been working on. Using a standard template, I'm creating uniform-inspired t-shirt designs for every team in the 2014 World Cup. I'm calling the project 32 Nations, and I'm going group by group; 6 of the 8 groups are published, and the last two will be out before Christmas. If you're interested, here are a few links: Introducing: 32 Nations The Rules Group A Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon Group B Spain, The Netherlands, Chile, Australia Group C Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan Group D Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy Group E Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras Group F Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria - publishing Friday, Dec. 20th Group G Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA Group H Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic - publishing Monday, Dec. 23rd A few samples: Brazil Cameroon The Netherlands Côte d'Ivoire Switzerland Ecuador Thought you guys might appreciate. Feedback (good/critical/other) is always welcome of course. Thanks!!
  23. 2014 FIFA World Cup

    It may be about 7 months away, but the group draw will be on Friday, and I didn't see one like it. It would be cool to see everyone's predictions some of the favorites are: Spain (Defending champs, #1 FIFA Ranking) Germany (3rd place, loads of young talent, #2 FIFA Ranking) Brazil (Hosts, confederation cup champs, only ranked 10th in the latest FIFA Ranking probably due to a lack of qualifying matches) Argentina (Still got Messi, #3 in FIFA Rankings)
  24. 2014 FIFA World Cup

    It has become way too difficult to look for stuff in the mega-thread, and the World Cup deserves its own thread. adidas training gear has been leaked, and it confirms that Spain will go with a black/ electricity clash.
  25. New Atlanta Stadium

    Prelim designs for the new Atlanta Stadium just got released. Two options, one called The Pantheon which is pretty ground breaking and looks to be more of the enclosed multi-use stadium with the wow factor that the city wants and the other is The Solarium which looks like a greenhouse. Very Lucas Oil like with great open views of the city which I know the owner said he wanted. The Pantheon The Solarium Here's the link where you can download the full PDF which has the other design as well. What do yall think?