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Found 11 results

  1. WWE Network Title (created in GIMP)

    Idea for a new tertiary title for the WWE. sideplates based off of a phone, center is based off a television. black leather belt, silver would be nickel. black in the screens would be glossy, WWE Network logo and champion would be flush with the “screen” surface with logo done in gemstones and champion in nickel, black dot on “tv casing” would be black gemstone. Phone shaped sidepieces have the Peters projection map split in half. nickel for silver, onyx for black, faux ruby sheet for red. silver between the plates would be nickel versions of the beveled roundels on the main belts.
  2. WWE Payback: April 30, 2017

    Surprised this wasn't started yet Announced Matches: Orton (c) vs. Wyatt Jericho vs. Owens (c) Sheamus/Cesaro vs. Hardyz (c) Neville (c) vs. Aries
  3. Four Stars w/ Jim & Andy

    Howdy folks. So BayouJim and I couldn't get our Chicago sports talk out in our Behind The Avatar sit-down, so we figured, "If there's one thing this forum needs more of, it's podcasts" and have decided to give it a shot here and see how many episodes we can do before we hate life and ourselves for ever doing it. Jokes aside, we had a lot of fun doing a "check in" episode about the Chicago sports scene, and while obviously not many of you are from Chicago, the few who are may like it, but at least listen to enjoy Jim's thoughts and my typical rambling. (we came up with the name after the show was done, and the gimmick of the podcast going forward won't be implemented until next time, where we give our "four stars of the week" or what-have-you) Nothing about the show is final right now (as demonstrated by the boring image above), as we're still gonna refine the show's length, music, delivery of content, etc., so for now episode 1 was mostly us hanging out going from team to team and talking about what's up. Thanks of course for any and all feedback/listens. Always appreciated from this fine community. More BTA episodes will be recorded over the next few weeks, also. STREAM MP3
  4. So... pro wrestling isn't a full-on "sport." We all know that. However, considering it's presented as one and it has a rich, storied history, I feel that it would be neat for SportsLogos to have pro wrestling logos. Here are some things we could put on here: Company logos (New Japan lion roundel, WWF Attitude Era scratch, etc.)Pay-Per-View logos (WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, etc.)Show stages/sets (SummerSlam 2008 movie theater, WrestleMania XXVI pyramid, etc.)Ring canvases (some promotions put logos or ads on the canvas)Logos associated with certain wrestlers (Stone Cold's skull, the Hardy Boyz symbol, etc.)Title belts (WWE Championship "spinner" belt, the Big Gold Belt, etc.)So, what do you guys think? Is there room for pro wrestling on SL?
  5. So I figured I would go ahead and open this thread since the next WWE PPV will take place in less than 2 weeks on the WWEN. The list of matches that have been announced so far are: [Prediction] Tag Team Championship in the Elimination Chamber (First time ever)Tag TeamsThe New DayCesaro & KiddLos MatadoresThe Prime Time PlayersThe AscensionThe Lucha Dragons [Win]Intercontinental Championship in the Elimination Chamber WrestlersWade BarrettR-TruthRybackSheamus [Win]RusevDolph ZigglerWWE Heavyweight ChampionshipSeth Rollins [Win] vs Dean AmbroseWWE Diva's ChampionshipNikki Bella vs Paige [Win] vs NaomiJohn Cena vs Kevin Owens [Win]Neville [Win] vs Bo Dallas
  6. WWE TLC&S 2014

    Only image of the poster I could find. Matches so far: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt II (TLC) Mark Henry vs. Ryback (chairs?)
  7. WWE Payback 2014

    The Card (So Far): Evolution vs. Shield II (No DQ Elimination Tag Match) John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt III (Last Man Standing Match) Bad News Barrett © vs. RVD II (IC Title Match) Edit: Updated information
  8. WWE Extreme Rules 2014

    Raw tonight, let's kick it off, bitches.
  9. Since the NFL likes to release those commemorative Super Bowl jerseys, I'm guessing that's the reason why WWE decided to do the same. Thoughts? Opinions?
  10. Old WWE Rebrand, worth revisting?

    Two years ago, I thought up of a new logo for the WWE since I felt (and still feel) the scratch logo has ran its course. Here's the Deviantart posts I made for the whole thing: Brave New World which was modeled of old WWE t-shirts Street and Power which were normal branding instances. It was also the first thing I did while trying out Inkscape. I felt like revisiting it since the WWE Network logo made its appearance would probably would be the current logo if it had got off the ground this year as planned.