PHOENIX: Redemption (Phase 3)

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We're at our final stage of the competition; Phase 3!


We've now developed solid sets for a lot of the non-Power 5 schools in FBS. Great job, team! People are now really taking notice of our designs. But it's time to take the next step.

In order to do that, we've gone out and contacted a lot of the Power 5 schools in FBS to set up meetings with them to discuss our new product line and what we can offer them as a company. When we walk in the door, we want to show them exactly how we envision them looking when they're wearing our gear. Thus, there will be no requirements in this phase — we don't quite know what they want.

This is the most important phase of the competition and it's make or break for us — points are worth double this round.

Each designer will be assigned — via PM — a school to design. Impress the schools (the Council) and the public (the Community) to receive full marks.

Phase 3 Guidelines

  • You will be assigned a Power 5 school to design a uniform set for.

  • Use our new "X" template (link at the bottom of the post) to design a full uniform set.

  • Create three jersey sets — one home, one away, and one third jersey. Identify them as such.

  • One of these jerseys much be white. (NOTE: If you wish to make a white jersey the home set, please label it as such and the dark jerseys as "secondary" and "third" jerseys.)

  • You may design as many as three helmets and pants for your sets, however, you don't have to.

  • The font requirement has been removed for this phase of the competition.

Major Competition Guidelines

  • Do NOT identify your work. Save the file as "3_[username]_[home or away or third depending upon jersey].[extension]" in either .gif, .jpg, or .png file format.

  • Do NOT alter the background of the template — only adjust what is inside the lines.

  • When complete, e-mail your submissions to
  • Only use existing school logos — do not create your own. However, recoloring of logos and the use of "throwback" logos are allowed.

  • If you have questions specific to your entry that could give it away, ask me in a PM and I will answer it in this thread without divulging your identity. If you have general questions, ask them in the thread.

  • Remember, do NOT divulge the designer for any of the submissions — doing so will disqualify you.

  • Ensure that your PM inbox is not full when signing up for Phase 3.

  • A full list of the Guidelines can be found HERE.

Entries are due in Sunday, January 11 at 11:59 PM EST. Don't miss the deadline!


Post in this thread to indicate your desire to enter the competition and we'll assign you a school via PM shortly thereafter.

Best of luck to everyone — we're really excited to see what y'all can do.

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Additionally, the following 9 members are disqualified from this phase of the competition due to not submitting an entry for last round:

_taylorc, bkknight95, Buc, chrisCLEMENT, Jake3.roo, jdp, Jordyhazy, next_gen_uniforms, TheNightOwl

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I'd like to sign up.

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Count me in for this round

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First round of assignments have been set out.

We'll cap this at 64 entries this time around; the number of Power 5 schools, plus Notre Dame, less Georgia Tech.

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