NFL-to-NBA Crossover - BEARS Added

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15 hours ago, jujubeans said:

Still think Niners need more gold. Gold shorts a la their gold NFL counterpart pants?


Well, that's about as much gold as it's gonna get without completely losing the connection to the football jersey. I'm not making mismatched jersey/shorts combinations as I'm not a big fan of that look and you rarely see that in the NBA (the only teams I can think of that do that at all, correct me if I'm wrong, are the Pacers' Hoosiers set and I think the Hawks had one).



Next up is the NFC North! The first team (alphabetical order by city) is the Chicago Bears. I wanted to keep this one true to the football jerseys as much as possible with the striping and the GSH lettering. For the third, I figured I'd go a little bit outside the box with the subliminated bear on the back a-la UCONN's home jersey.


Chicago Bears:


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