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     is my favorite

      one for 2016 so far.

        I nearly wet myself. It features

             a backup QB for the Saints Luke McCown

               and the 2016 Hall of Famer Brett Favre. Don't have

                    liquid in your mouth when you see this or you'll be  wiping

                 off your monitor. You can't say that you were not given a fair warning.










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Here is the latest creation Using Carson Wentz QB and Zach Ertz TE of the Philadelphia Eagles. Had to be a bit creative with the helmet logo, which is the hand of Hall of Fame Tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals Anthony Munoz. I could have gone with other images of Joe Theisman's or Tim Krumrie's compund fractures. They get the point of extreme pain across but I think the one I went with is a good representation of the Eagle Wings. How did I do?





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First Post for 2017 involves a player who had a great rookie season in Dallas and is now Big D's Future596ab643040d3_Dak2FutureConcept.thumb.png.59f013852602de15bc69c84fdb4c5b13.png

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