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I didn't know we could post sports ideas in here!  I have a few:


One-on-one handball: Smaller court, smaller ball.  Three goals instead of one, sort of
like Quidditch.  Players would switch between offense and defense.


Competitive trash can basketball: two on two in a square room, small trash can in each
corner, two cans for each team.  The paper ball cannot be dribbled obviously, but walls
and ceiling could be used to pass and for bank shots.  An extra element of this is to play
with rolling office chairs instead of running/standing.  That could add a hockey element
to it.


Paper baseball: pitching a paper ball from a few feet away, cardboard tube used as a bat.  Played in a gym.


Mini golf + field hockey: Instead of goals there would be cups at the ends of the court.  No fixed goalie, but players could try to block shots with stick.  Shots would have to be taken outside of goal crease.  The court could also have obstacles like blocks, hills, etc.


I would also like to see more sports played under black light with flourescent elements in the uniforms.

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I'm struggling to think of a replacement name for Real Salt Lake. I know, I know, as terrible as the name is, it has become a staple of the league. Fooey to that. Anyone have name ideas? 

  • Crossroads FC
  • SLCity SC
  • Hive Salt Lake


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