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4 hours ago, Ice_Cap said:

A more well-run parent league than the NHL.


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From Scott Darling's piece in The Daily Ghostwritten Jock:


I lasted maybe five days before Phoenix told me to beat it. I should have checked into rehab right then. Instead, I was on a plane the next day. Phoenix assigned me to their ECHL affiliate in literally the worst place on earth for me at that moment: beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

Seriously, I got sent to Vegas. I would laugh if the reality wasn’t so grim.

Our rink was inside The Orleans Hotel & Casino, right off the Strip.

And I lived at the hotel inside the casino.

Pretty much every day was the same routine: Practice inside the casino. Then drinking inside the casino. And then going to bed inside the casino.

It was so bizarre and depressing, in hindsight. I lasted a few weeks before I missed a practice, and the team said, “Pack your s***.”


"The distractions will only apply to road teams" my ass

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