Professional Hockey League; A Fictional History: New Alternate Uniforms Unveiled

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On 1/26/2019 at 11:53 AM, ItsSlothy said:

Why did the nuggets wear their ugly mustard gold uniform for EVERY HOME GAME this playoffs?

On 1/26/2019 at 8:27 PM, Veras said:

As much as I like Sweet, I found myself rooting against Oakland just because no team deserves a title in a uniform that ugly.

On 1/26/2019 at 9:24 PM, Red Comet said:

Considering Nashville's mustard third uniforms were in use around this time OTL, the gold makes sense for a team called the Nuggets. It's still ugly as sin to the point that Vegas Gold would be a significant improvement. 

On 1/26/2019 at 10:20 PM, BellaSpurs said:

The one every game they played in that jersey until the final. And they won the first game they wore it in the finals and both times they lost in it were extremely close games. You could say they played much better in it.


In this universe, the Nuggets are basically the first team to really try to "own" a colour in the playoffs. I forgot to mention it in the narrative but the Oakland fans all wore gold throughout the post-season. I am going to adjust the shade before 2007-08 as it really is supposed to be more of a vegas gold but I think the colour is getting muted in translation. The team may eventually use gold as the primary colour but it will likely be an all-new jersey, not the current alternate.


On 1/26/2019 at 11:06 PM, greenday61892 said:

YES! Go Bulldogs!

EDIT: Would it possible to get a Bulldogs signature?


Sure thing, just send me a PM with the details you want.


On 1/26/2019 at 7:14 PM, JG36 said:

Great ending to a great career. Where does Crowley rank in terms of GOAT status? 

On 1/27/2019 at 9:12 AM, ChicagoOakland said:

Jason Crowley is the American GOAT for sure. He's not Skippy Cleveland or David Appleby, but he's no doubt a legend.

He did the impossible--made me root for a Boston team to win a championship.


Crowley is pretty much undisputed as the greatest American in PHL history, he's certainly in the conversation as greatest player ever. He is 5th all-time in scoring behind only Appleby, Cleveland, Vlady Gaganov, and Stuart Holly. Points aside, you could also note that Crowley has more rings than Cleveland and Gaganov and as many as Holly. He was also known as a better 2-way player than anyone on that list so you could definitely make at least a top-3 case for Crowley. Appleby's 2000+ points and 5 rings are difficult to argue with for number one though.


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Oakland’s gold uniforms becoming more prominent? Starting to sound like the Predators in real life with their yellow unis. And I like the sound of that.

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The ending of game 6 vaguely reminds me the 2013 Stanley cup finals when Chicago scored twice in 17 seconds to win it after trailing all game. Thrilling as always!

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New Alternate Uniforms Unveiled


Six more teams unveiled new third jerseys in 2007, with more teams alluding to history. Long Island will bring back their popular throwback jersey worn in the 2006 Holiday Classic, while Calgary will wear a jersey that combines the 1966-78 jersey with the '78-93 look and brings back the team's classic color scheme of orange and black. Portland's new uniform is a nod to the Portland Grizzlies form the old Global Hockey League, the only other professional team to call the city home.


Three teams introduced all-new designs as well. Dallas will wear gold for the first time, while Minnesota's new third features a vintage design. Cleveland has perhaps the most radical alternate design in the league. The black jersey features striping meant to appear like a rocket with a new logo on the front.




In addition to new third jerseys, two retro jerseys will meet for the first time on Christmas Day at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. The Choppers will host the Dallas Desperados wearing their inaugural uniforms originally worn from 1985-1994. Meanwhile, Dallas will wear the uniforms Milwaukee wore when they were known as the Dallas Metros. Metros jerseys and memorabilia have long been popular retro items and now the classic "dallas skyline" jerseys will finally return to the ice. The team will wear it's secondary logo on the pants to maintain a connection to the present franchise.





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