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On 7/27/2018 at 5:34 PM, willmorris said:

The 1981 Reds had the best record in baseball and failed to make the playoffs, thanks to the split season playoff format.


I'm obsessed with the 1981 Reds and have studied them endlessly. They had a few remaining Big Red Machine guys plus Tom Seaver, plus a young Mario Soto. That's to my knowledge the only time the playoffs have happened without the team with the best record. I've felt for a long time that the Reds need to treat those guys like it's a half championship. Have the team back for anniversary reunions, display the banner more prominently in the stadium, like flown on top of the boat in centerfield, because they got did dirty. 


What also sucks about missing the playoffs is that was the last gasp of the Big Red Machine and they didn't get to go out with a playoff try or at least a true pennant race with the Dodgers and Astros. A bunch of guys left after that year, Tom Seaver had a bad season, and the 82 Reds lost 100 games. 

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