Tabletop sports game appreciation

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5 hours ago, RichO said:


Was this the one? March Madness by Avalon Hill


I had this.


A good chunk of paper route money went to various Avalon Hill sports games. Statis Pro Baseball, Superstar Baseball, Statis Pro Basketball, and Bowl Bound.


That was the one.

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On 11/6/2017 at 10:36 AM, leopard88 said:

I spent many days playing Statis Pro Baseball back in the early 80s.


It always felt like an added bonus that it was a local Baltimore company.

I remember back in my younger days halfway wondering why their baseball games' box art always had at least one Orioles pic...and never made the connection until much later in my life :D  Oh well, there are far worse choices than the O's.

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