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CCSLC Official Guidelines

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1. No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing, Etc.

We will not tolerate insults, excessive profanity or throwing a topic off course in an inorganic fashion. Use of racial, bigoted, sexist, or discriminatory terms or phrases is not accepted. Posts intended solely to antagonize others are not accepted. Keep topics/posts where they belong. Generally speaking, play nice.

2. No Gore, Porn, or Sexual Content

No images, descriptions, or links to graphic or pornographic content, including any form of nudity, or nude cartoons. No sexual content, including discussion of sex acts (implied or otherwise), or posts about genitalia. The public boards are intended to be suitable for all ages, and anything that could offend members of the community will be reviewed on a per case basis by the site staff.

3. No Politics

This includes signatures, user titles and avatars. Political jokes and links to news stories with a political nature are also off limits.

4. No Discussion of Native American Team Name Controversies

This topic, like various political topics, often devolves into name calling, straw man construction, and other assorted "tactics" not suitable in intelligent, mutually respectable debate.

5. No Alternate ID's - One Account per Individual

We operate a one account - one person policy. Creating an alternate ID will result in both the original account and the alternate ID being permanently banned immediately. Sharing accounts among a group of people is also forbidden. If you want to create a new account and discontinue your old account (lost password, desired change of username, etc.)? Contact a mod so a note can be made and the old account shut down.

6. Do Not Post Things For Banned Members

This includes, but is not limited to, concepts and requests. Once they are banned, they are done with this forum. Banned members are gone for a reason, assisting them in getting back on the board will result in a suspension.

7. No Business or Personal Ads

Any posts or threads solely to promote a store will be removed. This includes making posts with the intended purpose of promoting your own ebay, Craigslists, or Kijiji pages.

8. Do Not Steal Bandwidth

Use a photo hosting website.

9. Keep Off-Site Drama Off This Site

If you had a disagreement or falling out with someone on another site or in real life then don't bring it here. Leave your grievances at the door. Additionally, do not derail normal board discussion with drama in your personal life. The board is not to serve as your personal therapy couch.

10. Do Not Post Private Conversations

This includes PM's, IM's and emails. Additionally, do not pursue methods outside of posts on this board to insult, attack, or harass other members.

11. No Spam

We do not allow spamming. Spam will be deleted and the account banned instantly.

12. No Disruptive Posting/Flamebaiting/Trolling

Trolling will not be tolerated. Users who troll others consistently will be subject to disciplinary actions.

13. No Topic Bumping

Topics that have gone dormant have run their course. If you are not the original poster posting a significantly revised concept or have nothing constructive to add, don't post.

14. Age Limit

The minimum age allowed to post on this forum is 13. If we discover that you are under this age your account will be suspended until your 13th birthday.

15. Reporting Posts to the Moderation Team

The report button is a tool to report posts to the moderation team. Do not abuse the report button with insignificant issues that don't disrupt the day-to-day flow of the forum. Abuse of the report button can lead to disciplinary action.

16. Board Discipline

Significant infractions of the above rules call for a vote by the moderation team. Each of the seven active moderators will cast a vote between 0 and 10. Punishments are determined by the following scale:
* 70 points - ban
* 56-69 points - 2 month suspension
* 42-55 points - 1 month suspension
* 28-41 points - 2 week suspension
* 14-27 points - 1 week suspension
* 7-13 points - 3 day suspension
* 4-6 points - 1 month probation
* 0-3 points - no punishment
After four moderators have cast their votes the punishment based on the current point total will be assigned. After the fourth vote is cast the remaining moderators will have 72 hours to cast their votes. At the end of 72 hours the cast votes will be averaged with that average assigned as the votes of the absent moderators and the punishment will be increased based on the final point total. In cases where a ban is mathematically possible the ban will only be carried out once all seven moderators have voted regardless of the length of time it takes for the vote to be completed. There is no appeal process. Do not contact any member of the moderation team outside of the CCSLC (Facebook, Twitter, text message, phone call, Skype, etc.) to plead your case. NOTE: This does not apply to spammers or to accounts proven to be circumventing board punishments.

17. No Circumvention of Moderation Team Imposed Punishments

Should the moderation team suspect that you are posting from an account that has been banned or currently has been suspended and the IP address confirms this suspicion your account will be banned instantly as will the suspended account. Additionally, any user who flaunts the use of IP masking software or trolls the moderation team in a way that indicates that they were previously banned or suspended will face disciplinary action.

18. Rule Changes

The moderator team retains the right to update these rules as necessary.

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