Super Bowl Shuffle XLVI - Indianapolis VOTING

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So I remembered this wrapped up today, and stopped playing Out of the Park Baseball long enoungh to do this. I will now reveal the identities of the designers(ha ha), and the results! The top 3 blew away the crowd, but were all very close themselves.


With 128 points, Shumway wins Super Bowl XLVI!



Here is your Lombardi Trophy.



Here is the final results, featuring the concept title, user, points, then round points.

1. Entry 1 - Shumway - 128 - 25

2. Entry 4 - BrandMooreArt - 84 - 18

3. Entry 3 - raysox - 80 - 15

4. Entry 6 - jdp - 31 - 12

5. Entry 2 - ashesofastroworld - 16 - 10

6. Entry 5 - ECUFan25 - 3 - 8


Hope you guys enjoyed this process, and come Sunday, the process will be even smoother! Feel free to post your concept for C&C, and please sign up for the next rounds.

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Congrats to Shumway, this was the logo I gave gold to. And great work by everyone else


And the winning logo on the field



I removed the Indianapolis text at the bottom of the logo, since that has never been part of a logo on the field for any Super Bowl. This logo really worked great color wise with the endzones and rest of the field. Really wish it was the real logo.

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