American Basketball League - 1962 ABL Finals

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1962 ABL Playoffs



This year, the playoff system has been updated once again. Let's get into the playoffs!


Round 1 - Conference Quarterfinals


National Conference


Minnesota vs. Colorado

Game 1 @MIN: 120-99 MIN

Game 2 @MIN: 107-105 COL

Game 3 @COL: 113-102 MIN

Game 4 @COL: 120-113 MIN

Game 5 @MIN: 104-96 MIN


Milwaukee vs. Detroit

Game 1 @DET: 110-106 MIL

Game 2 @DET: 116-110 DET

Game 3 @MIL: 123-104 MIL

Game 4 @MIL: 113-109 DET

Game 5 @DET: 120-97 MIL

Game 6 @DET: 107-96 MIL


American Conference


Baltimore vs. Miami

Game 1 @BAL: 124-97 BAL

Game 2 @BAL: 123-108 BAL

Game 3 @MIA: 123-113 BAL

Game 4 @MIA : 118-113 BAL


Boston vs. New York

Game 1 @NY: 112-103 NY

Game 2 @NY: 105-101 BOS

Game 3 @BOS: 106-98 BOS

Game 4 @BOS: 103-99 NY

Game 5 @NY: 121-96 BOS

Game 6 @NY: 116-95 BOS


Round 2 - Conference Semifinals


National Conference


Chicago vs. Minnesota

Game 1 @CHI: 107-102 MIN

Game 2 @CHI: 122-117 MIN

Game 3 @MIN: 106-95 CHI

Game 4 @MIN: 118-97 CHI

Game 5 @CHI: 125-109 CHI

Game 6 @CHI: 116-101 CHI


St. Louis vs. Milwaukee

Game 1 @MIL: 113-110 MIL

Game 2 @MIL: 108-99 MIL

Game 3 @STL: 125-98 STL

Game 4 @STL: 108-104 MIL

Game 5 @MIL: 118-99 MILPitvBal.thumb.png.4a049c5a6d06b229914ac1850d15ae02.png


American Conference


Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore

Game 1 @PIT: 115-97 BAL

Game 2 @PIT: 103-99 PIT

Game 3 @BAL: 123-110 BAL

Game 4 @BAL: 124-117 BAL

Game 5 @PIT: 122-116 PIT

Game 6 @PIT: 110-107 PIT

Game 7 @BAL: 116-96 PIT


Indianapolis vs. Boston

Game 1 @BOS: 105-102 BOS

Game 2 @BOS: 123-114 IND

Game 3 @IND: 116-107 IND

Game 4 @IND: 120-95 IND

Game 5 @BOS: 118-104 IND


Round 3 - Conference Finals


National Conference


Chicago vs. Milwaukee

Game 1 @CHI: 123-98 CHI

Game 2 @CHI: 125-106 CHIdarreningham.png.e12038de361bf8dffd72bfadc3a5d25c.png

Game 3 @MIL: 114-107 MIL

Game 4 @MIL: 122-101 MIL

Game 5 @CHI: 120-103 CHI

Game 6 @CHI: 108-103 MIL

Game 7 @MIL: 124-106 MIL


American Conference


Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis

Game 1 @IND: 110-98 PIT

Game 2 @IND: 111-102 PIT

Game 3 @PIT: 125-111 IND

Game 4 @PIT: 105-100 IND

Game 5 @IND: 114-98 PIT

Game 6 @IND: 123-98 PIT


Pictured: Mark Hodges (BAL) blocking Jamal Ryan (PIT), Darren Ingham (IND) in his final game 

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1962 ABL Finals


Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh

Game 1 @MIL: 119-117 PIT
Game 2 @MIL: 112-99 PIT
Game 3 @PIT: 112-103 PIT
Game 4 @PIT: 119-114 PIT


The underdog Stags didn't stand a chance against Pittsburgh. The team did their best to fight back, but when home or on the road, Milwaukee was very weak. Pittsburgh wins this one in a 4-game sweep, claiming their third Finals win in 6 seasons.

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Was hoping for a better result, but you can't stop a stampeding rhino. Congrats Pittsburgh.


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What website do you use for your games.

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1 minute ago, CinnamonRoll21 said:

What website do you use for your games. for scores and standings, and for playoff games

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Hey guys, I'm not sure when the ABL's hiatus will end because I am still focused on the CFL Alternate Universe as of right now. Just wanted to make sure that this is not dead.

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On 4/9/2017 at 6:53 PM, PackMan said:

Here's all I've got for tonight: The Colorado Kodiaks (who will begin playing in the 1960-61 season)



You realize that kodiaks are specific to Alaska, so this should be changed to Grizzlies.

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