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So this is still a work in progress, but I'm making a new Vancouver concept.  Looking back on the history of baseball in Vancouver, the first long term team was the Vancouver Mounties.






So I took this and a few other images and this is what I have so far:







I went with maroon instead of a scarlet (which is the well known jacket color of the ceremonial uniform of the RCMP) because I thought it looked better and it gave, in combo with the navy blue, an old time feel.


I'm still working on the arm patch.  I've used their 1950's as a placeholder.  it will be based off this patch.  I'm also looking into a different cursive script on the uniforms.


But so far, what do you think?  Am I on the right track?

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Love it. Definitely has a very regal look and feel. I agree that you need to find a better script. If you could find something that matches the one on the uniforms in that first photo, that would be perfect.


I would also base the home alt on the road alt--maroon with a white "VM" monogram and white numbers.

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