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Just now, Ninox said:


I know that the third clashes with the home kit but Bordeaux always has a dark third kit and it works for them.

well, I realize that sometimes they have a dark third kit, but sometimes they also have red away kits. the fact that they have a lot of dark kits as both home and third kits is really stupid by both the club and puma.

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After almost a year I'm again in the mood for some kits :D










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Manchester United:

Home: Red shirt with a white v-collar, inspired by the kits of the 50s. White socks are used in european games and black shorts are also available for kit clashes.


Away: White shirt with a red collar and red sleeve cufs, inspired by the away kits from the 60s. Red shorts and socks are available for the away game at West Ham.


Third: Dark blue kit with the iconic pattern consisting out of Ms. Away at Southampton they wear white shorts to avoid a kit clash.


GK: Based on the Revigo 17 template, the goalkeeper kits are solar yellow and black, respectively.


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The first two kits for Galatasaray are perfect, maybe try the third by using dark purple and silver. I also really like Fenerbahce third too. Great job!

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Thanks kerlon :)


Home: The idea to incorporate black into an Ajax kit was on my mind for quite some time already. Ajax fans wouldn't really like it I think. The triple-x on the socks is from the flag of Amsterdam of course.


Away: Nothing special. Grey and black with some striking green accents. I really love those green alternative shorts tho.


GK: Just the green and yellow versions of the Revigo 17 template.


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Looking good so far!  I like what you've done with Hamburg - the diamond pattern works wonders on the home kit, and bringing back the half-and-half look was a good call for the clash.  The third I do like (historical precedence is good!), but it feels a little too plain.  It needs some sort of pattern to make it more exciting.  Maybe a center stripe like the 2011-12 third kit, or maybe pinstripes like the Champions League winning kit from the 1982-83 season.  I also really like what you did with Ajax - the black is untraditional but I think it looks great, and the black and green clash kit (despite looking a bit too similar to the old black kits the Sounders wore) looks great also.  I'd love to see some sort of third kit for them - maybe a toned down version of the infamous 1989-90 away kit?  Regardless, great work!  Looking forward to any other teams you might design in the near future!

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Damn thanks for the great feedback @FlyingLamprey. :) 

Now I normally don't change my kits. But I've decided to do an alternative away and third jersey for Hamburg. The away is a remake of the CL Final kit. The third is light blue with a diamond design.



Who is the rival of Hamburg? Yes, Werder. So here is a Werder set:

Home: I had this idea for quite a while already. I think the dark green and gold combination looks very classy. Would be better without the sponsor.though.


Away. White kit with a diamond pattern. Nothing really special.


Third. Werder normally carries over their away kit from past season and uses it as a third kit, so I did the same. The kit is based on last seasons template and the clashing socks are also characteristic for last seasons nike kits.


GK: Nikes goalkeeper template in yellow and red.


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