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44 minutes ago, DG_Now said:

Soccer 101 Q: how does a transfer fee work anyway? PSG/Neymar/Qatar had to pay Barcelona $260M just to release him from a contract? And then PSG pays him some wage after that? How much does Neymar make from playing soccer?

There's steps missing.  Here's two to read, but what you wrote is the concept. The first link is systematic, second more dramatic.

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17 hours ago, DiePerske said:

Can't wait until he visits and PSG spent all that money for nothing.


Sanctions against PSG would also be fantastic, anything to destroy that club. 



Side note, Bastia was forcibly relegated to National 1 and has lost professional status. Glad to see a stain on french football removed from the professional ranks. 

Yeah, why were they? I've been trying to look why but all the articles are in French. But it is nice to see such a racist and messed up fanbase go far down the ranks.

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