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The red numbers on red uniforms do not look good, should be white or yellow. Also the pants stripes are too short to be impactful in any way. Either take them off, or elongate them fully or halfway down the pants.

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I felt the same about the red on red at first. The more that I looked the better that it looked to my eyes. I originally went with gold, but I felt that was too predictable.

The red on red is unique to the Thunderbirds in that sense. I set the league up to be flexible where uniform combinations are concerned. Teams can wear whatever

sets that they chose. Color on color is totally encouraged. As for the stripes, I see those as more of an extension of the belt. Again, different, unique to the T-Birds.


After the finals are all said and done, I may come back to some of these. Maybe... I started this in 2013.  I took a long break and now I'm closing in another year.

We shall see!



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