The 2017 Fatal Forty

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TRoyConcepts    376

Since Mac seems to be inactive and there seems to be interest for another one this year, I decided to start this thread. If there's not enough entries by January 1st, we could delay the start and the rules would then be subject to change for the new deadline date. 


Same rules as last year:

  1. Each contestant lists up to forty (40) people they believe will meet their demise between January 8, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  2. Lists may be submitted and edited until 11:59 p.m., North American Eastern time, on January 8, 2016. After that, no changes or additions will be valid.
  3. Should someone on your list die prior to January 8, 2016, no points are awarded. But such person may be replaced.
  4. No more than forty (40) people may be listed, and only human beings may be listed.
  5. Each deceased person listed is assigned a point total in inverse proportion to their age from 100. For example, someone dying at the age of 71 would award 29 points to those who have them listed.


My Hit List:

  1. Bashar Al-Assad, Syrian President
  2. Bob Barker, TV Presenter
  3. Ned Beatty, Actor
  4. O.J. Brigance, NFL/CFL Player
  5. Glen Campbell, Musician August 8, age 81
  6. Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. / Lil' Wayne, Rapper
  7. Jimmy Carter, U.S. President
  8. Don Cherry, Sports Personality
  9. Tommy Chong, Actor/Comedian
  10. Bob Dole, U.S. Politician
  11. Gord Downie, Musician
  12. Clint Eastwood, Actor/Director
  13. Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England
  14. Bruce Forsyth, TV Presenter
  15. Terri Garr, Actress
  16. Steve Gleason, NFL Player
  17. Valerie Harper, Actress
  18. Stephen Hawking, Physicist
  19. Bobby Heenan, Professional Wrestling Manager
  20. Joe Jackson, Talent Manager
  21. Clive James, TV Presenter
  22. Joseph Kony, LRA Leader
  23. Jerry Lewis, Comedian
  24. Ted Lindsay, NHL Legend
  25. Jim McMahon, NFL Player
  26. Stan Mikita, NHL Legend
  27. Mary Tyler Moore, Actress January 25, age 80
  28. Bryan Murray, NHL Coach/GM August 12, age 74
  29. Bob Newhart, Actor/Comedian
  30. Coyote Peterson, YouTuber (Brave Wilderness)
  31. Regis Philbin, TV Presenter/Host
  32. Scott Putesky / Daisy Berkowitz, Musician
  33. Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI
  34. Burt Reynolds, Actor
  35. Henri Richard, NHL Legend
  36. Jimmy Snuka, Professional Wrestler January 15, age 73
  37. Bart Starr, NFL Legend
  38. Donald Sterling, Businessman
  39. Joost van der Westhuizen, Rugby Player February 6, age 45
  40. Malcolm Young, Musician


Hits: 5

Points: 147

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Evil G    99
  1. Bart Starr (quarterback)

  2. Benedict XVI (pope emeritus)

  3. Billy Graham (evangelist)

  4. Bob Barker (TV presenter)

  5. Bob Dole (senator)

  6. Burt Reynolds (actor)

  7. Buzz Aldrin (astronaut)

  8. Carl Reiner (comedian)

  9. Dave Bartholomew (songwriter)

  10. Desmond Tutu (bishop)

  11. Elizabeth II (monarch)

  12. Fats Domino (musician)

  13. George H.W. Bush (ex-president)

  14. Glen Campbell (musician)

  15. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (monarch)

  16. Hosni Mubarak (former dictator)

  17. Jake LaMotta (boxer)

  18. Jerry Lewis (comedian)

  19. Jimmy Carter (ex-president)

  20. Joe Jackson (kinda a dick dad)

  21. John Paul Stevens (justice)

  22. Joni Mitchell (musician)

  23. Joseph Kony (warlord)

  24. Malcolm Young (guitarist)

  25. Mary Tyler Moore (actress)

  26. Michael of Romania (monarch)

  27. Peter Sallis (actor)

  28. Prince Philip (monarch)

  29. Robert Mugabe (dictator)

  30. Rolf Harris (musician)

  31. Sandra Day O'Connor (justice)

  32. Shannon Doherty (actress)

  33. Shelley Duvall (actress)

  34. Stan Lee (writer)

  35. Stephen Hawking (physicist)

  36. Tom Brokaw (journalist)

  37. Tommy Lasorda (baseball manager)

  38. Tony Iommi (guitarist)

  39. Valerie Harper (actress)

  40. Vin Scully (announcer)

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goalieboy82    371

here is my 40:

1: Bert I Gordon

2: Mike Hoare

3: Queen Elizabeth II

4: Robert Mugabe

5: Robert Morse

6: Robert Plant

7: John Paul Jones

8: Jimmy Page

9: Lindsay Lohan

10: Prince Philip

11: Emperor Akihito

12: Empress Michiko

13: Harald V of Norway

14: Charlie Sheen

15: Beatrix of the Netherlands

16: Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

17: Sandy Frank

18: Paris Hilton

19: Miley Cyrus

20: Desmond Tutu

21: F. W. de Klerk

22:  Terry Jones (Monty Python)

23: Buzz Aldrin

24: Michael Collins

25: John Young

26: Jim Lovell

27: Philippe de Gaulle

28: OJ Simpson

29: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

30: Albert II of Belgium

31: Pope Benedict XVI

32: Juan Carlos I

33: Rita Marley

34: Jim Leavelle

35: Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

36: Tom Baker

37: Roger Corman

38: Angela Lansbury

39: Henry Silva

40: Dean Stockwell

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slapshot    379
  1. Sandra Day O'Connor (Former Supreme Court Justice)
  2. Pope Benedict
  3. Barbara Walters (News)
  4. Joan Lunden (News)
  5. Robin Roberts (News)
  6. Tom Brokaw (News)
  7. Bill Graham (Evangelist)
  8. Pat Robertson (Evangelist)
  9. Jared Fogle (Celebrity)
  10. Artie Lange (Comedian)
  11. Whoopi Goldberg (Actor)
  12. Rita Wilson (Actor)
  13. John Hurt (Actor) died January 27, age 77 23 points
  14. Val Kilmer (Actor)
  15. Michael J. Fox (Actor)
  16. Ed Asner (Actor)
  17. Andy Dick (Actor)
  18. Brittany Daniel (Actor)
  19. Valerie Harper (Actor)
  20. Shannen Doherty (Actor)
  21. John Byner (Actor)
  22. Jerry Lewis (Actor)
  23. Vivian Campbell (Musician, Def Leppard)
  24. Morrissey (Singer)
  25. Grace Slick (Singer)
  26. Aretha Franklin (Singer)
  27. Phil Lesh (Musician, Grateful Dead)
  28. Malcolm Young (Guitarist, AC/DC)
  29. Beanie Sigel (Rap Artist)
  30. Kanye West (Rap Artist)
  31. Billie Jean King (Tennis)
  32. Lamar Odom (Basketball)
  33. Rod Carew (Baseball)
  34. Bud Grant (Football coach)
  35. Earl Campbell (Football)
  36. Marv Levy (Football)
  37. Jim McMahon (Football)
  38. Bruno Sammartino (Wrestling)
  39. Bobby Heenan (Wrestling)
  40. Leon “Vader” White (Wrestling)


Deaths: 1
Points: 23

Edited by slapshot

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~Bear    312
  1. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  2. Ayman al-Zawahiri
  3. Bart Starr
  4. Bashir Al-Assad
  5. Betty White
  6. Billy Graham
  7. Bob Barker
  8. Bobby Doerr
  9. Bruce Forsyth
  10. Buzz Aldrin
  11. Charlie Sheen
  12. Clive James
  13. Desmond Tutu
  14. Dick Van Dyke
  15. Don Larsen
  16. Donald Trump
  17. George H. W. Bush
  18. Gordon Banks
  19. Hugh Hefner
  20. Jake LaMotta
  21. Jim Brown
  22. Jimmy Carter
  23. Joseph Jackson
  24. Justin Bieber
  25. Lamar Odom
  26. Morgan Freeman 
  27. Mikhail Gorbachev 
  28. Pelé
  29. Pope Benedict XVI
  30. Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
  31. Queen Elizabeth II
  32. Rod Schoendienst
  33. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  34. Skip Bayless
  35. Stan Lee
  36. Stephen Hawking
  37. Tommy Chong
  38. Willie Mays
  39. Y.A. Tittle
  40. Yoko Ono

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2001mark    1,187

I missed this last year, frequenting after the winter... my first 10 btw I submitted in 2014 & still everyone alive... sorry no order, I'm freestyling...


1. Betty White

2. Dan Rather 

3. Jerry Jones (Cowboys owner)

4. Hal Holbrook

5. Buzz Aldrin

6. Rupert Murdoch 

7. Mick Jagger

8. John Madden

9. Rihanna

10.Tom Cruise

11.Donald Trump

12.Jimmy Carter

13.OJ Simpson

14.Shannon Doherty

15.Alan Alda

16.James Caan

17.Keith Richards

18.Bill Russell

19.Richard Dent (NFL)

20.Queen Elizabeth

21.Prince Philip

22.Johnny Bower

23.Larry King

24.Jack Nicklaus

25.Bret Hart

26.Scott Hall

27.Vince McMahon

28.Mark Calaway (The Undertaker)

29.John Williams (composer)

30.Jesse Ventura

31.John McCain

32.Jesse Jackson

33.Quincy Jones

34.Sean Connery 

35.Gene Hackman

36.Kirk Cameron

37.Judi Dench

38.David Prowse (Darth Vader)

39.Peter Meyhew (Chewbacca)

40.Dick Cheney


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Mings    577

This is still one of the most morbid things this board does.

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mamiller99    83

TRoy, I love that you think Coyote Peterson will die next yea

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OnWis97    2,152
10 hours ago, Mings said:

This is still one of the most morbid things this board does.

You don't think it would be awesome if you were running in a distant third place at Christmas with almost no hope and then...


"Carrie Fisher died! Yes!  High five! 40 points!  I won the pool!  Thank God!"

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NoHoJoe    26

OK...Some candidates still in the pool from last year (3 did actually die from My list), some new additions.


1. Mary Tyler Moore

2. Rose Marie

3. Betty White

4. Doris Day

5. Carol Burnett

6. Tim Conway

7. Dick Van Dyke

8. Carol Channing

9. Charlotte Rae

10.Sally Struthers

11. Norman Lear

12. Jerry Stiller

14. Henry Kissenger

15. Dr. Ruth Westheimer

16. Reverend Billy Graham

17. Jane Withers

18. Chuck Barris

19. Kim Richards

20. Juliette Mills (The Original Nanny)

21. Jean Marsh (Upstairs, Downstairs)

22. Hank Aaron

23. Vin Scully

24. Willie Mays

25. Marty Allen- Goodbye 'dere!

26. Peter Best (Original Beatles Drummer)

27. Bob Dorough (Schoolhouse Rock)

28. Dave Frishberg ( Songwriter best known for a song about obscure baseball players that would have played with the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1967 season)

29. David Johansen (New York Dolls/Buster Poindexter)

30. Gordon Lightfoot (mistaken for Edmund Fitzgerald)

31. Barry Manilow

32. Englebert Humperdinck

33. Rita Moreno

34. Cheeta Rivera

35. Loretta Lynn

36. Patricia Routledge (Now a Dame)

37. Sean Connery

38. Jack Van Impe

39. Jerry Lewis

40. Jerry Lee Lewis


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LMU    3,000

As an executive moderator decision we're extending the deadline to Sunday (⅛).


You can make changes to that point but nobody who scores before then will count.

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nash61    845

Since I thought I'd missed it, I'm going to use the opportunity to get in now.


1. Bob Barker
2. Betty White
3. Harrison Ford
4. Peter Mayhew
5. Lindsay Lohan 

6. Miley Cyrus
7. Donald J. Trump
8. Dr. Oz

9. Hugh Hefner

10. Gord Downie
11. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

12. Stephen Hawking

13. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

14. Stan Lee

15. Dick Van Dyke

16. Rick Astley

17.Tony Kornheiser
18. Dick Butkus
19. Stan Lee
20. Hulk Hogan
21. Chuck Norris
22. Mark Hamill
23. James Earl Jones
24. Angela Lansbury
25. Dave "The Hammer" Schultz

26. Super Dave Osborne

27. Danny DeVito

28. Angelo "King Kong" Mosca

29. Morgan Freeman

30. Johnny Bower



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LMU    3,000

1. Jimmy Snuka (23)

2. Charles Manson

3. Jerry Lewis (9)

4. Doris Day

5. Cher

6. Regis Philban

7. Virgie Arthur

8. Teri Garr

9. Val Kilmer

10. Burt Reynolds

11. Lamar Odom

12. Stephen Hawking

13. Abu Bakhar al Baghdadi

14. "Superstar" Billy Graham

15. Shannen Doherty 

16. Rob Kardashian

17. Miguel Ferrer (39)

18. Lil Wayne

19. George H. W. Bush

20. Noah Bublé (son of Michael)

21. Hal Holbrook

22. Fats Domino

23. Steve Gleason

24. Jimmy Carter

25. Danny Baker

26. Jaime "Taboo" Gomez

27. Johnny Sarantakos (son of Criss Angel)

28. Glen Campbell (19)

29. Gord Downie

30. Gino Odjick

31. Melissa Young

32. Quincy Jones (comedian)

33. Valery Spiridonov

34. Bob Barker

35. Joan Lunden

36. John Newman

37. Scott Hamilton

38. Bob Dole

39. Kanye West

40. Johnny Manziel

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