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Yes, it is constructive, and appreciated, and I will see what I can do, sir, in that regard.  Thank you for your input.  I'm not quite sure on what the permanent looks for the American League's baseball teams will ultimately be in the primary dimension and/or timeline of this alternate sports universe. just yet.  But as far as I've been able to get so far with it, over the years of thinking about it, I thought that the American League baseball teams might try using color, at least at first, to try to get people's attention away from the teams in the competing National League to at least some degree.


Granted, that won't necessarily mean that the fans would keep coming permanently once the novelty of the new American League eventually wore off, as it probably will.  For them to do so, they'd need to provide a good product on the field as well, and be at least as good, on average, as the teams in the National League often would be.  I am trying to decide on the main color schemes and looks for each team, and trying to make them distinct enough from each other, as well.  But I'm still finding that a little hard to do, when it comes to avoiding the usual R-W-B color schemes and all, at least.


I am trying to find looks that work, but not being much of an artist yet compared to many others, I'm having some problems, obviously.  I am better at writing things up, often, than I am in terms of drawing them and designing them, even after years of design work done for at least some items meant for a virtual world.


Is Inkscape free?  I can't generally pay real money for most, if not everything, art-related, for various reasons, unfortunately.  If that weren't the case, I probably could get more useful art-related programs, for instance, of course, any time I'd want to, if they had to be bought instead of gotten for free.


I wasn't planning on potentially making any of the uniforms for the National League's baseball teams so colorful, at least not at first, seeing as their league would have likely been around a good deal longer and the teams probably would have begun moderating and determining their usual and best-known and/or permanent looks, et cetera. I know I still have a lot of work to do to get this alternate sports universe working sufficiently well, but I'm willing to do what I can, Lord willing, when and where possible, to hopefully get it looking really good as soon as possible, for sure.


Thanks again for your input, SFGiants58.  I'll try to keep your advice and all in mind, as well as the advice and comments that others have already provided here, as best as I can, for sure.  Please check back often here, and hopefully, you'll eventually like what you see here well enough, if at all possible.  Turtle Pilgrim out.


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