If you could have ONE sportslogo-related wish fulfilled, what would it be?

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4 hours ago, Kaz said:

Make all Big 4 teams (and college teams) limited to 2 alternate uniforms.


I think there's room for an concessional throwback or special uniform, but they should be limited to a handful of games over the course of the season where they could wear them (maybe 4 for baseball, 2 each for hockey and basketball and 1 game for football).


It's a pretty rare team that has been an exception to this that it seemed appropriate. (1970's A's are a good example with their Sunday whites.  The 1970's Pirates with their solid black and gold uniforms that they mixed with the pinstripes version were an early and egregious offender that set the tone).


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On 3/7/2017 at 1:57 PM, IceBurgs70 said:

For the Clippers to go back to their pre-Steve Balmer era uniforms from 2010-2015.


Image result for los angeles clippers 2014Image result for los angeles clippers 2014

Image result for los angeles clippers 640x360

Unpopular opinion...but even the sleeved jersey was nice.  Take those sleeves off and it would've been PERFECT.  I STILL sport the replica that I purchased at Marshalls for $15.00.


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Tampa Bay Buccaneers go back to the beautiful original orange and white with the original great logo!!!


Pittsburgh Pirates go back to stove top hats with some stars on them (seasons on the team)!!!


Texas Rangers mix in the old logo with the baseball wearing the cowboy hat (greatness - their best)!!! Go with a two color hat - Expo-ish!!! 


I second the mention of getting the Houston Oilers name/likeness back to the city of Houston (aka Texans no more) was definitely an amazing team name.

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