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On 3/11/2017 at 7:57 PM, Zeus89725 said:

On the design side, I think a logo should work well without a wordmark, so if you need to write in your company's name beside your logo, it's time to go back to the drawing board. The design you have is actually really nice, and looks great. I think if you build a good portfolio and identity, it'll work beautifully. Especially if you often do things with the mountains.

I thought I had posted the one with just a simple word mark earlier in the chat, but yeah, I may use this mainly as my watermark in photographs.

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Random thought #1:


H*K* + Mountains = Hike? :huh:


Random thought #2:


"Kleindienst" literally means "small service" in German. Also, "auf dem kleinen Dienstweg" (via the short service route) means to go beyond bureaucratic boundaries directly and discreetly to the decision maker. So your name sort of stands for "little treats" and a direct approach. I would try to somehow embrace that meaning.  

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C-Squared    979

I think there is definitely something to work with in this concept... given that both the H and K have negative space on the bottom half that can be manipulated, the mountain motif doesn't feel intrusive... I might try to simplify the design and use some tweaks to the bottom of the H and K to imply the mountain lines. I can see a vague image of this logo in my head with one color only, even if some lines are extended off the front of the H and back of the K to finish off the mountains

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