Best and worst stadiums (aesthetically)

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For me it's Mostly about MLB and college football.  

  • MLB: I've been to over 20 current and defunct ballparks.  
    • Best Old: Fenway, by a nose over Wrigley.  Fenway, in the last few years, removed some "wall" behind the right field bleachers, making it seem more "open."  Slight downgrade, but I just love Fenway
    • Best new: Pittsburgh.  I was hyped for years to the point that it was bound to disappoint. It did not.  It's beautiful.  Though San Francisco is a fairly close second.
    • Worst: Metrodome. Not even close (though this counts only ballparks I've been to; maybe Tampa would make it close)
    • Want to see: (ALL) Dodger Stadium
    • Wish I could have seen: Tiger Stadium
  • College Football:
    • Best:  I'll go with Neyland Stadium (TN)...I love the enclosed feel of the two decks going around the whole place.  (Also been to Wisconsin, Iowa, UNLV, Minnesota current, Metrodome, Northwestern, Illinois, Notre Dame, BYU).  BYU, with the mountains in the background was pretty cool, though.
    • Worst: The HHH Metrodome makes filling the "worst" out very easy for several sports.  It was serviceable, in the 1980s, for the Vikings...hard to say whether it was worse for the Twins or the was miserable.
    • Want to see: Just about any, but particularly LSU, the Rose Bowl, Alabama, etc.  I hated that Wisconsinon played SEC schools in places like Dallas and Houston; I'd love to have traveled to those campuses for games.
  • NHL:  The Met Center had a great reputation for great sight lines.  For me the place is all about nostalgia.  The Xcel Center is nice and I've been to games in St. Louis, Boston, and Chicago.  Not much to say...they all served their purpose.  I wish I could get to Joe Louis; it looks a little Met Centeresque.
  • NBA: I've only been to Bradley Center,Target Center and the Metrodome for NBA.  Target Center and Bradley Center, aside from seat color, are barely distinguishable.  And boy were there some bad seats for hoops at the Dome.
  • NFL: I've only been to the Dome, TCF Bank, and US Bank (current Vikings home).  US Bank Stadium is aesthetically, uh, "modern."  I enjoyed it, but I am probably a bigger fan of the classics...something more along the lines of Cincinnati (which I've seen from the outside) may suit me better. I've toured Lambeau and would love to go to a game.
  • College Hockey:  Tough one between the Kohl Center, which is the best place I've been to functionally (the second and third decks practically sit right atop the ice), and "the Whale" at Yale...old wooden hockey rink.  I'll go with the later since "aesthetically" is in the title.
  • College Basketball.  Williams Arena is a great old barn that has character and is still functional...compared to the Wisconsin Field House, which did have the charm of being an absolute cage, but was a mess, functionally.  The limited bathroom situation was awful. I really would like to have seen the Oregon barn that closed a few years ago.

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For me, McMahon stadium in Calgary is not only the worst stadium I've been to (aside from old Mosaic stadium in Regina that is), but also the ugliest. Obviously there was zero thought put into the design - its basically just cheap high school bleachers, and it looks like they put some low income housing in the end zone where the scoreboard is.


Concession areas super cramped and long lines for food, beer and washrooms. Not a good fan experience at all - in fact I've just stopped going there at all.



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Yeah McMahon is showing it's age, especially with new Mosaic Stadium opening and all the picture coming from there.


A smaller stadium I've always liked is Seaman Stadium, home of the Okotoks Dawgs of the WMBL (Summer Collegiate wood bat league in Alberta and Saskatchewan).





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