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League Background


The KSF was formed on October 3, 21 NE (New Era) in Port Clinton, with 12 teams from 12 different cities all joining on the same day. The Thomas Almanac was written on this day as well and it was named for George Thomas, the first chairman of the KSF. It detailed future expansion, formation of new leagues and divisions, important dates, length of KSF seasons, etc. This is a quick summary of the first amendment to the Thomas Almanac:


1. A player can only start playing for a team at age 22 and has to retire at age 43.

1 1/2. A player has to be drafted in the KSF Draft in order to play.

2. In the KSF Draft, a team has to select 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackers in total. 

3. The rookies have to be cut or replaced with a player on the roster already.

3 1/3. The non-rookie that is replaced has to be cut.

3 2/3. Players that are cut cannot be traded.

4. There can only be 10 starters playing for a team, not 11.

4 1/2. This means that there can only be 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackers on the field at a time.

5. There can be 7 substitutions for a team(1 GK, 2 D, 2 MF, 2 A).

5 1/2. Therefore, the other 13 players on a team are reserves.

6. There can only be 30 players playing for a team at a time.

7. The 1st 22 NE season will last from January 1, 22 to March 31, 22.

8. The 1st 22 NE transfer period will last from April 1, 22 to July 1, 22

9. The 2nd 22 NE season will last from July 2, 22 to September 30, 22

10. The 2nd 22 NE transfer period will last from October 1, 22 to December 30, 22

11. There will be 4 new teams per season, starting in the 2nd 22 NE season.

12. A league can only fit 40 teams.


This is a background of the KSF. I hope you guys like my soccer federation so far and I will continue to update! Please post constructive comments, not hating comments. If you want to hate, send me a private message.


N.C. Keyes



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I will make a roster of each team and my first roster will be Port Clinton FC's roster in 22 NE (1st KSF season). There will also be descriptions of each player. Here we go!


Starting Goalkeeper: VAN PRESTON-22 Years Old

Drafted out of the 5th best college in Port Clinton where he was a superstar, Van Preston is set to be a star for Port Clinton as well. With only 14 goals scored on him in 80 matches in college, Preston should be very reliable as well.


Backup Goalkeeper: WILL FICK-22 Years Old

Teammates with Van Preston, Will Fick never really got much playing time in college. However, he started 75 out of 80 games in high school and should be a reliable backup for Van Preston and Port Clinton.


3rd String Goalkeeper: ADRIAN KENNEDY-22 Years Old

An often-injured player at the best college in Port Clinton, Adrian Kennedy is seen by many as either a free agent by next season or just a reserve who will never be played. However, the Port Clinton manager obviously saw something in him. In either direction, Kennedy probably won't get very far in professional soccer.


Next Update:



See you later!




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Please start a thread when you actually have artwork to share. Thanks.

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