NHL 2017 by Heitert - TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING - 7.7.17

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CALGARY FLAMES - 6.18.2017


Logos: I once attempted (and failed) to modify the Flames' current logo. After messing with the logo and eventually coming up with something, I realized that the mark they have now is pretty solid. Could it be better? Sure. But it could be much worse. The application of the logo is what I have never really liked. I don't like black for the Flames and I don't like a single outline on the logo, especially white single-outlined it yellow. It blends together and takes away from a really decent crest. Then again, I especially never liked the white 'C' with the black and yellow outline. So, naturally, my concept is devoid of black and uses a double outline. 


Uniforms: The Flames have had a really weird uniform history and to me, none of their uniforms ever matched their respective eras. What I mean is, the inaugural uniforms from 1980-1994 looked like they were from the 70s (I'll give them a break there since they basically were if you count Atlanta), the '95-2000 uniforms with the weird diagonal stripe looked like they were from the 80s, the 2000-2007 jerseys looked like they belonged in the 90s and their current uniforms really shouldn't exist in any decade. But I digress... Basically, the uniforms I've conceptualized are a marriage of the inaugural uniforms and their next set with the weird let's-put-our-logo-on-a-pedestal stripe. The shoulder stripes were heavily influenced from that set, and of course the colors I've made much more vibrant, similar to what Calgary initially used.



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Great work on the Flames and Bruins primary logos...you nailed those.


Would like to see your Kings logo in mostly silver and black with a hint of purple.  I think it the crown needs to go full circle too...the shaping is weird on the jersey.  Not sure many would know what they are supposed to be looking at.

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Logos: Let's face it, the Lightning haven't had a good set of logos in awhile. Personally, I liked their short-lived second variation of the Bolt used for just five seasons from 2007-2011. That being said, it wasn't without its faults; the font wasn't great and the bolt itself looked kinda wonky with the thick navy highlight. Also, I've never been a fan of navy and black used together. I've completely done away with black and darkened the blue just a bit to compensate for the lack of black. Silver and blue is one of my favorite color schemes and it fits well with the Lightning's identity. Tampa Bay seems to have a tough time deciding whether to use their city and team name in their logo, only their team name, or none but then just add the city name to the away uniforms because. Personally, any variation of the Lightning logo I've seen, concepts or otherwise, seems really empty without some sort of wordmark to go along with the logo, so "Tampa Bay Lightning" is utilized similar to the Bolts' inaugural logo. 


Uniforms: I went for bold on the uniforms, something Tampa has also had a tough time deciding whether or not to do. As much as I love Tampa's 90s set, black and all, I decided to create something new. Inspiration did come from the current (or, I guess last year's now) alternate, BOLTS jerseys. Essentially changing the piping on the shoulders to lightning bolts. I messed around quite a lot trying to get the application right. Initially I went with straight across bolts but then attempted to do something Flyers-esque and curving the bolts which led to the single-color shoulder numbers spilling over the stripes, much like Philadelphia. An italic font is used for the name and numbers to match the logo. 595f2e54d3aec_LogoSet.png.046c1447a2511855972880a87f9ecb5b.png





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