MLB in 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies (19/30)

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Victormrey    1,056

So, I'm having problems with my computer: in Madrid we're reaching 110ºF and the fans from my PC stop working from time to time, which makes it turn off suddenly. Even so, I'm still decided to finish the series, so here are the Phillies!


I brought back the Burgundy / Light Blue scheme for the Phils. I decided to ditch the pinstripes from the home, and use only the "P" for the road, inspired by the first team uniforms.



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coco1997    1,049

Great to see this series back in action, and it was well worth the wait. The Phils look superb! 


I kind of miss the "bubble" numbers, but I guess they wouldn't really fit with the old wordmarks you brought back. 


P.S. Stay cool! 

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