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30 minutes ago, TheBigFiz21 said:

Meanwhile, in the nation's capital, their CBS affiliate recently went from this:


...to this:

WUSA 9 logo.png


  1. First off, not a fan of de-coloring the logo.
  2. I'm kinda not surprised considering a LOT of the stations Tegna owns (including this one and 8 in Dallas above) are going minimal
  3. I can see the replies flying in soon that the new "9" looks like KUSA in Denver

Tegna's whole brand is a black and white TEGNA wordmark so it's not surprising they're applying that same minimal appriach to their local affiliates.


I still get emails for job opportunities in the Charlotte area (I should probably unsubscribe from them seeing as how I found a job elsewhere...).

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It's a good while, but our friends at Tegna recently introduced new logos for two of their stations, one of them just within the last week or two:


KHOU (Channel 11/CBS, Houston), before and after:



WXIA (11 Alive/NBC, Atlanta):



Those not familiar with Tegna, it was the former broadcast division of the Gannett Company, publishers of the USA Today.  A few years ago, the two sides split up, with the newspaper division taking the old corporate name.  Gannett/Tegna is also notable, especially if you grew up in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Denver, or Phoenix (among several other cities), for their station IDs (aka the "Death Star").

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