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The Busiest Summer Ever?

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I was thinking this morning about how the summer could be the busiest for uniform stuff I can remember. The NBA is moving to Nike, which means multiple redesigns and a new league-wide template. The NHL is moving to adidas, which is also bringing redesigns, the unveiling of the Vegas uniforms, and a new template.


Has there ever been a summer like this before?


I wonder if the NHL and NBA could have coordinated better so they don't step on each other's toes. Or, did adidas and Nike do this intentionally so they would step on each other's toes?

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I do think it is the busiest summer ever, maybe since the 90s, when the NHL and NBA branched out to different apparel companies.


I don't think the NHL and NBA coordinated on their apparel contracts, nor should they have to.  I doubt one commissioner called up the other and said "Let's coordinate apparel contract timelines."  

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