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Amazon buys Whole Foods for $13.7B

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dfwabel    1,054


I have Amazon Prime, yet I don't utilize it as much for shopping. I shop at a Whole Foods about twice a month for less than $15/visit.


Retail stocks like Target, Kroger, Costco, and even WalMart took a dive yesterday by at least 5%.


So, do you believe this good or bad for not only retail, but as a shopper? 


Whole Foods has traditionally been a generous employer, but Amazon is definitely not thought of in the same light. It's a culture clash to be sure.


Some longtime WF employees who own stock may just cash out and leave.

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Cosmic    2,554

It's really, really interesting. The move was so well-received on Amazon's side, that they basically got Whole Foods for free... the stock increased more than what they spent on the acquisition. I have Amazon Prime and am halfway bought into the Amazon "ecosystem", so I am tuned in. Whole Foods by itself didn't really impress me (Wegmans is close enough with better prices), but I'm curious as to what Amazon will do with it. We're getting our first Whole Foods only about 10 minutes away, so whatever it is, I'll be able to take part in it. Between this and Wal-Mart's rollout of no-cost curbside pickup (boat floater: got a coupon for $10 off $50 to try that when I was going to already), I think grocery shopping will be vastly different in 10 years... maybe like cell phones in 2005 versus 2015.


Edit: My kids are probably too old to forget by now, but I can totally see a day in 20 years where my grandkids turn their heads sideways and say, "You used to have to walk around like the entire store and grab every single thing you wanted yourself?"

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