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qve8kUZ.png jkYHmba.png


These really aren't my most creative uniforms, I'll just say that right now, but I do like these a lot. I was intending to use the MLK uniforms as a base but that ended up not really happening how I wanted it and in the end I ended up showing you all what the Grizzlies would look like if they didn't change to the double blue scheme. And I got to say I wish they didn't. These just feel brighter than what they have now. 


C&C welcome!

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GH44Uea.png  gMuSVHl.png 


These were inspired by the Floridians uniforms the Heat wore a few years back just adapted to fit the Heat branding. I tried to incorporate the sleeves into the design but I felt that it really wasn't needed in the end IMO


C&C welcome as always!

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