Football and CTE

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12 hours ago, Gothamite said:

The Big Tobacco playbook is alive and well with Big Football.  Both kinds. 

Stop giving people ideas, Goth... next thing you know we'll be back to seeing head coaches smoking Lucky's on the sidelines.

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1 hour ago, OnWis97 said:

UCLA's Jaelan Phillips, the #1 defensive player in the class of 2017 has what UCLA termed, "medically retired*" after missing six games this year after a concussion. His freshman year he suffered a broken wrist.


*-Not sure if unpaid labor can really "retire", but that's for another thread which would be quickly locked as this one once was.

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MADISON, Wis. - The hit that put Walker Williams’ brain over the edge — leaving him with ongoing headaches, mood swings, ringing in his ears, depression, anxiety and short-term memory problems — was nothing out of the ordinary. 




It was his fifth and final concussion since he began playing in middle school. After that, he was out for the season, and in March 2016, Williams quit football entirely. Now, Williams said he experiences “detriments in all sorts of aspects of my life.” And he worries about the very real possibility that he may develop dementia because of the brain injuries he suffered on the football field.


Holy :censored:ing :censored:, this sport is indefensible sometimes. 

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