National Dashball League: A Fictional Sport, A Fictional Future - 2017-18 Offseason

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Sorry this has been so dead for so long; real life and technical difficulties got in the way, as they often do.


No uniforms or coaches changed this offseason, although Toronto’s Nicolas Stroke is squarely on the hot seat.


Roster Changes:


Free Agents -
PHX B/ZB Silvestro Sole to TEX - Having started and completed nearly every game for the Palms in 2017, Sole moves to Texas, where he looks to have the same role but on a younger, more competitive team.


CHI B/ZB Freddie Hayley to CAL - The Sea Lions might be stretching a bit for the 36-year-old, but he proved last year he could make an impact down the stretch for the Frost.


Trades - 
PHI receives F/ZB Alexander Burkhardt, B/ZB Hank Union, TEX 2018 4th round pick
TEX receives F/C Ben Bowman, F/ZB Walt Duncan, PHI 2018 1st round pick
In what looks like the most lopsided trade of the offseason, the Redbacks give up a 37-year-old Union and their (albeit very talented) backup forward in exchange for two 20-year-olds and moving up 3 rounds in the draft.


TOR receives B/C Román Ortiz
CAL receives B/C Jasper Jansen, B/C Roosevelt Hall, TOR 2019 2nd round pick
California trades the 21-year-old Ortiz to a Toronto team that struggled at center for two Hogs centers and a pick.


Draft - 
1. SEA (from TOR) - F/ZB Ray Terrell - Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2. TOR (from SEA) - B/ZB Anthony Bennett - Cincinnati
3. PHX - B/K Will Baker - Lipscomb
4. TEX (from PHI) - W/ZB Wil Perez - Loyola (IL)
5. SEA (from TEX via TOR) - B/C Andi Effendi - Indonesia
6. CHI - F/ZB Orville O’Connor - Central Connecticut
7. LA - F/ZB Vit Kraina - Czechia
8. CAL - B/C Howard Dixon - Long Beach State


As you can see, quite a few picks changed hands here. Seattle gave up two picks in addition to their second in order to trade up and take Ray Terrell, who is projected to be one of the best offensive talents in the league almost immediately. Toronto met more of their needs with Bennett anyway, who was the clear #2 behind Terrell. Offense continued to be a theme throughout the rest of the first round, with Baker, Perez, and Dixon all rated much higher offensively than defensively.


News - 

Two days after game 7 of the NDLCS, Commissioner Justin Rose announced that a deal had been reached for a team in New York City to start in the 2019 season. After the debacle that took place before the season, Rose expressed what to many seemed like a sense of relief that things were back on track. New York will join the East Division, with Chicago, Texas, and Phoenix moving from their respective divisions to create the Central Division. In terms of scheduling, not much will change: each team will still play 8 games against their division rivals and 4 games against every other team, which will still result in a 40-game regular season.

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ChicagoOakland    427

I definitely wasn't expecting a Loyola-Illinois reference in this series.

*crosses fingers for DePaul dashball prospect*

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3 hours ago, TekkogsSteve said:

Pretty good. I hope the Hogs will be more competitive next year. Are New York gonna have an expansion draft or just hold tryouts for players not already in the league?

There will be an expansion draft for New York, taking place the day before the 2018 Entry Draft. Each team will be able to protect 12 players, and NY will pick two players from each team for a total of 16.


29 minutes ago, ChicagoOakland said:

I definitely wasn't expecting a Loyola-Illinois reference in this series.

*crosses fingers for DePaul dashball prospect*

Hey, it's not as unlikely as you might think. Since dashball is a relatively new sport and schools haven't really been recruiting for it, smaller schools are much more represented in the dashball landscape than, say, college football, so it's hard to say where the best prospects will come from, and colleges and universities most people have never heard of are much more likely to get mentioned.

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