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MLB | Kansas City Royals "50 Seasons Anniversary" Logo

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slapshot    379

Feels too busy. A lot of things are fighting for attention. The 50 against the KC skyline is nice by itself, but it's dwarfed by the roundel and KC/crown logo at the top. You don't need the "Of Royal Baseball" in there, it seems unnecessary.


The font is also not working, the vertical I-like 1's really stand out to me. I think a simple condensed gothic sans serif would work better.

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the admiral    9,896

Put the 50 in the shield where KC usually is and make that the centerpiece. The Royals logo has enough equity that you can make a substitution like that and still have it make sense. Lose the skyline because no one cares what Kansas City's skyline is. If you're not New York or Chicago, no one recognizes your skyline. Put "Royal Since 1969" on the bottom of the roundel because 1969-2018 looks like 49 years to some people, so why have the ambiguity?


But I like the way you apply all the colors in the Royals' selectively allocated color scheme and the "50 Seasons" looks quite nice.

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