NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 12/7)

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Last few teams, then if I get around to it, potentially some updates.



Pretty straight forward combinations of old and new.




Combos of old sets and I brought back this year's color rush




I didn't really know where to go with these, I just know I wanted to bring back their throwbacks


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My nitpicks on the Bucs:


The helmet is far too plain as is. The current helmet has a large flag logo and the metallic pewter color working for it. This one is just... there. I don't know if it needs stripes or a larger logo or what. I definitely like having it white though, because it allows for the throwback to be worn.


I'm a huge opponent of their current "alarm clock" numbers (though, who am I kidding, so is everyone else), but the standard block here just kinda seems too plain. They certainly don't need anything radical, though. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the double outlines on the numbers. I didn't like them all that much on the Super Bowl-era uniforms either.

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18 hours ago, Danny the Sheeb said:

That Chargers concept is absolutely spot on.  No complaints.


Why do the Rams have mismatched blues?


Rams have mismatched blues because their helmet from the royal blue era was a darker blue than their jerseys and that allows me to use an all white throwback.

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What template do you use, and how could i get it. It looks beautiful!

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