Nike Olympics 2018 Fixes

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Nicest thing to say about the Nike Olympic hockey jerseys is that Sweden is decent. A templated mess that wouldn't even look good on a single team is applied to every international squad, in some of the worse jerseys that are ever made. I'm gonna try to redo all these teams to make them look at least half decent.


The worst jersey, in my opinion, was Russia's, who essentially just has a blank red jersey with a logo on it. Here's my fix.



The jersey incorporates the Russian flag, just as how the previous Russian Olympic jerseys did. However, these have gold piping on both sides of the flag, rather than having the color bleed right into the jerseys.


What do you think?

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5 hours ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:

It's a good look but its essentially what Russia wore for the last Olympics. 




Fair point. The red jersey is really solid, to be fair.


Here's Slovenia.



I always liked the Slovenian green, white, and blue aesthetic, along with the mountain striping. I tried to modernize it a bit by adding the mountain striping on to the shoulders, and keeping the rest pretty simple. What do you think?

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Yes! This gets the best of both worlds for Slovenia. I'd definitely buy this if it existed.

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Here are the next few teams.



The USA's jerseys are split between two ideas I had. The dark jersey is the first one, and it is a classically styled jersey with the USA shield crest, and sublimated stars on the shoulders. The white jersey has a lot of the same, except it's inspired by older jerseys with the iconic 'USA' script put diagonally across the jersey. The script didn't look good with the waist striping, however, so I had to cut it out.


Team Canada



Team Canada got screwed by Nike this year, and I think that a more classic approach would benefit Canada. The country is often credited as the birthplace of hockey, and therefore a classically styled set of jerseys will help show that imagery. An older crest is used along one-color shoulder striping, to bring a modern yet traditional feeling to the set.


Team Germany



Germany has minimalist, simplistic, and modern jerseys inspired by the German flag. The light jersey is colored yellow rather than white, to form a new striking appearance. Not a whole lot else to say.

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Nothing? Here's the next few.



Czechia has always been a little out there with their jerseys, at least for the last little bit, so I tried to tone it down a bit. The jerseys here are modern, and continue with Nike's war on waist stripes, but respectfully so, I think. Not a whole lot to say on these ones.




Finland's jerseys are where I tried to get experimental. I was partially inspired by the Czechia jerseys, but I also wanted to make something new. The majority of the jerseys in the series up to this point had been fairly traditional, so I figured something out of the box was needed. This is that. The arm stripes on both jerseys fade into gradients, rather than solid striping, and, again, there's a lack of waist stripes. Just an idea I had that I think turned out alright.




Japan's jerseys from the last Olympics were actually pretty good, if you ask me. They were a little too simple, but I think the black actually worked really well with their identity, and gave them a more badass feel. I took that and tried to make it a little more visually stimulating, adding shoulder yokes and shoulder striping, as well as making the home jersey read "Japan" in Japanese. Again, very minimalistic sets.




Switzerland was an issue for me, because the cross wouldn't translate well into being red, so it was a challenge to create a cohesive design to work for both the dark and light jerseys. What I settled on was a chest stripe that preserves the white cross, as well as remaining distinctive from the rest of the teams. Plus, it's a new design for Switzerland and most Olympic teams to have a chest stripe.




Eh, it's Sweden. Not really any major changes here. Sweden has always remained fiercely stagnant with their jerseys, in the sense that they don't want to change them. I can understand why, as they're classic, so therefore I didn't want to switch 'em up a whole lot. They look good, and they wouldn't realistically change.


There's the next batch! I'll finish up the last bunch of teams in a day or two. Maybe more.

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All really good and way better than the ones that were just unveiled. My only complains are details that are ruined by the Nike template (arm stripes not going all the way around) but thats not your fault. Finland is the only one that I am not a fan of.

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