Challenge: Can You Help Identify the Saints' 1967-68 Number Font?

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The numbers the Saints used on their '67-'68 jerseys appears to be fairly unique, especially the gold with wide white borders used on the black jerseys. I've looked at a lot of fonts on various sites trying to put a name to it. Finally Frankensteined together a pic to show each number in the hopes someone can help. If it helps, the jersey manufacturer was Southland Athletic. Looks close to block, but taller and narrower maybe? 



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I doubt it’s a font in the sense that you can find it loaded on to your copy of Word. Manufacturers had their own house styles, and sometimes you can identify the maker of a jersey by the style of the numbers.  And when teams changed from year to year, you’d see a hodgepodge of different styles on the field as some players wore old jerseys and some were issued new.  

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