The XFL may be making a comeback

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22 minutes ago, MJWalker45 said:

Are they trying to fix up Oakland Coliseum only for the A's or are they still fighting over a new stadium?

Nothing yet. The A's first choice of a new site, which was in-between downtown and the Coliseum complex, was rejected by a community college district which owns the land.


The Port of Oakland is in negotiations with the Athletic's currently on a 60 acre site. The team still has offered the city and county $135M for the Coliseum site.

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The email opens with Luck explaining that he wants to make agents “aware of a number of issues related to spring football that may inhibit your client’s freedom in choosing to join our league when we launch in 2020.”  As to the issue of player contracts, Luck says this: “Competitive leagues appear to be offering multi-year contracts that may have restrictions and or non-compete clauses that could severely limit your client’s’ ability to play for other leagues, including the XFL.”

While Luck doesn’t mention any “competitive leagues” by name, it’s clear that he’s talking about the one that starts playing games in February, the AAF


Luck also touts the XFL’s marketing and intellectual property arrangements, explaining that the XFL will establish a Group Licensing Agreement for players, and warning that “[o]ther spring leagues may feature restrictive licensing agreements that limit your clients’ likeness rights and distribution; impose restrictions that may inhibit your clients’ licensing rights; and restrict their ability to participate in other licensing agreements, including the XFL GLA.”


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