Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

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15 hours ago, darkpiranha said:

There had better be some Cubs management heads hitting the chopping block.  


Probably. Callisto has won five straight division titles and only have one Galactic championship to show for it. It feels like the Braves' reign in the NL East through most of the 90's.

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2538 Preseason


Hall of Fame


RHP Ron King


Ron King, born in Kennedy, Luna, was one of the greatest right-handed closer of all time. He got elected into the Hall of Fame on his first year on the ballot with 73.3% of the vote. 


He finished with 324 career saves, good for 8th of all time. He also had a career ERA of 2.49 He had an 11-year career, all with the Titan Scorpions. 


He posted seven straight seasons of 31+ saves. During his final season, he had a career-high 40 saves. He has a career WAR of 18.8, which was good for an average of 1.7 WAR per season. 


His consistency helped him to a Pitcher of the Year award in 2527, and won Reliever of the Year five times, and was an All-Solar nine times. 


He retired at the ripe age of 32 after suffering a career-ending injury with at torn UCL in his right elbow. 


The Scorpions retired his jersey number 3 in 2533. It was the first retired number in team history. 





HOF Classes

2538 – CL Ron King (Titan)

2537 – 3B Jacob Havens (Venus R), RHP Mario Reynoso (Venus R), 3B Motofumi Kimura (Jupiter)

2536 – CL Tyler Davis (Venus R)

2535 – CL Ryan DeMaggio (Ceres)

2534 – SS Jon Marquez (Jupiter)

2533 – 2B Mike Lazcano (Jupiter)

2532 – 2B Ryan Peterson (Mercury), LF Ryan Cox (Mendez)

2531 – CL Tony Hansen (Kennedy), CL Keith Quigley (Mendez)

2530 – 2B Adam Morgenstern (Ceres), 2B Ian Martin (Luna)

2529 – 3B Peter Dierauer (Mars)

2528 – 3B Rob Beckman (Venus S.), RF Bubba Forrest (Mars), 2B Kyle Recupero (Mars), SP Steve Shook (Luna)

2527 – CL Joe Tieszen (Jupiter), 1B Bret Hopson (Mars)

2526 – no players inducted

2525 – 1B Skip Flanagan (Earth), C Matt Bradbury (Venus S.)

2524 – RF Josh Macura (Luna), CL Alex Pier (Mercury)

2523 – LF Jim Jackson (Luna)

2522 – RF Miguel Medrano (Mars)

2521 – no players inducted

2520 – SS Zack Dobson (Earth)

2519 – C Dylan Nulph (Mars), SP Dylan Heuer (Earth)

2518 – CF Luke Tasler (Earth)

2517 – RF Xie-li Shui (Mercury), CL Jerrod Pickens (Mercury), 3B Jonny Furman (Earth)


Preseason Preview






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2538 Season


Divisional Quick Recaps


AL Enterprise Division: 

  • The Mercury Mets and the Mars Warriors switched places this year, with the Mets taking the divisional title while the Warriors take second place. 
  • The Venus Sparrows was second in the Astro League with 116 stolen bases. 
  • The Earth Astronauts will miss the postseason for the first time since 2535. 
  • The Luna Apollos seemed to have lost their 2535 mojo (when they were in the Galatic Series) as they finished last in the division for the 4th time in 5 years. 

AL Endeavour Division: 

  • For the first time since 2531 (eight years), a team that is not the Callisto Cubs has won the division, and that is the Ceres Belters. 
  • The Ursula Majors were just one game away from winning the division title, but had a hot streak at end of the season to sneak into the playoffs. 
  • The Cubs had an opportunity to be a Wild Card team, but couldn’t match the Majors. 
  • The Io Vulcans and the Jupiter Kings round out the cellar of the division. 


CL Sputnik Division:

  • The Kennedy Rockets have launched, and there’s no coming back, as they won games at a blistering pace for a 116-win season. 
  • The Pamoja Guardians had a tremendous season, finishing with 90 wins and clinched their second straight postseason appearance. 
  • Despite strong pitching, the offense couldn’t help the Mendez Islanders. 
  • The Valles Marineris Canyons and Venus Reign finished at the bottom of the table. 


CL Soyuz Division: 

  • Just like last season, the Europa Mastodons and the Titan Scorpions finished 1-2 in the division.
  • The Ganymede Giants rebounded from a 54-win season with 77 wins to take third place. 
  • The expansion teams, Neptune Mariners and Pluto Hounds, continue their struggles. 






Astro League

Most Valuable Player RF Dan Marier, Ursula

Pitcher of the Year SP Chris Frost, Mercury 

Rookie of the Year RF Tim Huber, Ceres

Reliever of the Year CL Edgar Su, Venus S.


Cosmo League

Most Valuable Player RF Jack Dill, Titan

Pitcher of the Year SP Israel Johnson, Europa

Rookie of the Year 1B Ryan Peters, Pamoja

Reliever of the Year CL Bill Ostrowski, Kennedy


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2538 Postseason


League Divisional Series

  • The Ursula Majors took the Mercury Mets all the way to Game 5, where Majors 2B Jessie Eggebrecht hit a go-homer in the top of the 11th inning to clinch the series for an upset over the no. 1 team.
  • The Ceres Belters outplayed the Mars Warriors and swept them in three games. 
  • In a hotly contested series, the Pamoja Guardians came out on top to upset the powerhouse Kennedy Rockets in Game 5. 
  • The Titan Scorpions took care of their divisional rival by sweeping the Europa Mastodons in three games behind MVP Jack Dill’s four homers. 

League Championship Series

  • ALCS – Building off two consecutive extra-innings walk-off wins in the first two games, the Ceres Belters picked apart the Ursula Majors, four games to one, to advance to the Galactic Series. 
  • CLCS – In a dramatic Game 5, the Pamoja Guardians defeated the Titan Scorpions and clinched their first-ever berth in the Galactic Series thanks to a walk-off home run from catcher Izzy Reiger in the bottom of the 11th inning.

Galactic Series


Game 1: The Pamoja Guardians started the Galactic Series in style today, downing the visiting Ceres Belters at The Tree Field in the Pamoja Jungle by a score of 5-3 to stake an early 1-0 lead in the best-of-7 series. Guardians shortstop Israel Ochoa was named player of the game after he slugged 2 home runs.


Game 2: Ceres right fielder Jeremy Massey produced all the offense the Belters would need today in the club's 9-3 win over the Pamoja Guardians. Massey went 3 for 4 with 2 home runs and a walk, while scoring 3 runs and driving in 5 and was named player of the game, while Ceres moved into a tie in the Galactic Series. The Belters and Guardians are now even at 1-1 in the best-of-7 series.


Game 3: Martin Walker pitched well, but the Ceres Belters lost anyway, falling 5-4 in extra innings to the Pamoja Guardians at Asteroid Arena. With the win, Pamoja took a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 Galactic Series. Walker was named player of the game after giving the Belters 8.2 innings and allowing 1 earned run. Guardians rightfielder Oscar Heidtke's hit in the top of the tenth was a game-changer. With two out, he blasted a curveball from Cory Clausen for a solo home run. It put Pamoja in front, 5-4.

Game 4: Riding the 2-hit performance of designated hitter Ryan Peters, the Pamoja Guardians got a road win against the Ceres Belters, 6-4, in Game 4 of the Galactic Series today. Peters went 2-3 with a home run and a walk, while scoring 2 times for the Guardians, who now lead the best-of-7 series, 3 games to 1.


Game 5: It was all about winning for the Pamoja Guardians -- and win they did.


The Guardians also have a knack for winning games in the extra innings, as Game 5 went 14 innings. In the top of the 14th, Guardians rightfielder Oscar Heidtke hit a two-run double to give Pamoja the lead. 


Pamoja defeated the Ceres Belters by a score of 6-4 at Asteroid Arena to take the series 4-1.


"We did the little things right and we did the big things right," said shortstop Israel Ochoa, who was named series MVP. He had four homers in the series. "Now we're the league champions."


"Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you make your own luck," said Pamoja manager Steve Gilfeather. "We got lucky a few times, but mostly we did the right things by being prepared for each game and playing the game the way it's meant to be played."


Game-by-Game Results

G1 – Guardians 5, Belters 3

G2 – Belters 9, Guardians 3

G3 – Guardians 5, Belters 4

G4 – Guardians 6, Belters 4

G5 – Guardians 6, Belters 4




Past Galactic Series

2538 – Pamoja over Ceres, 4-1

2537 – Kennedy over Mercury, 4-3

2536 – Europa over Venus S., 4-3

2535 – Kennedy over Luna, 4-3

2534 – Venus S. over Valles Marineris, 4-1

2533 – Earth over Valles Mariners, 4-1

2532 – Callisto over Valles Marineris, 4-0

2531 – Earth over Venus R., 4-3

2530 – Canyons over Earth, 4-3

2529 – Venus S. over Venus R., 4-2

2528 – Earth over Venus R., 4-2

2527 – Luna over Ganymede, 4-3

2526 – Earth over Mendez, 4-1

2525 – Earth over Kennedy, 4-2

2524 – Venus S. over Venus R., 4-2

2523 – Earth over Venus R., 4-2

2522 – Venus R. over Venus S., 4-2

2521 – Venus R. over Ceres, 4-3

2520 – Ganymede over Mercury, 4-3

2519 – Earth over Jupiter, 4-2

2518 – Mercury over Venus R., 4-1

2517 – Jupiter over Venus S., 4-3

2516 – Mars over Mendez, 4-2

2515 – Ceres over Jupiter, 4-3

2514 – Luna over Mendez, 4-3

2513 – Mercury over Mendez, 4-3

2512 – Mendez over Luna, 4-1

2511 – Ceres over Luna, 4-3

2510 – Luna over Earth, 4-3

2509 – Luna over Mars, 4-1

2508 – Mars over Luna, 4-2

2507 – Luna over Mars, 4-3

2506 – Mars over Earth, 4-2

2505 – Mars over Earth, 4-1

2504 – Mars over Mercury, 4-1

2503 – Earth over Mercury, 4-1

2502 – Earth over Mercury, 4-0

2501 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2

2500 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2

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Well then, didn't expect Pamoja of all teams to get the Series win

But go Majors! Probably my favorite team in the league so far!

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Looks like the move to Pamoja has paid off. As the Emperors, they couldn't win much.... as the Guardians, they have back-to-back playoff trips and now, a Galactic Series title.

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18 hours ago, Darknes said:

Well then, didn't expect Pamoja of all teams to get the Series win

But go Majors! Probably my favorite team in the league so far!


18 hours ago, Seadragon76 said:

Looks like the move to Pamoja has paid off. As the Emperors, they couldn't win much.... as the Guardians, they have back-to-back playoff trips and now, a Galactic Series title.


Yeah, the move has benefited the PUA/Pamoja team in ways they'd never realize. They moved at the right time. I'm excited for the Guardians! They're one of my favorite teams to follow now. Too bad about the people of PUA. I can guarantee you that Earth will be getting a new team, or three(!?) sometimes in the future.  

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What's the playoff record of teams that have won triple-digit games in a season?  At least recently, it looks like teams that have gone for the record have run out of gas in the playoffs.  #sad

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