Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2540 Season

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I love the Kings's new set. Very reminiscent of the Royals which makes sense considering that both names are monarch-themed.


As for Venus, maybe green and orange as Venus was also the Goddess of Fertility? Would also be a nice contrast to the Reign.

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Planetary infographic looks great.  All of your graphics are top notch and add a lot of fun to the proceedings.  Keep em coming!

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I love the new Jupiter branding. The info graph is very useful and looks great also. I also agree with the Venus rebrand. Adding a color would be pretty cool, and I think it’s almost necessary for them to change it. I love the Browns color scheme idea by @BellaSpurs, that would be pretty funny. I also like @Red Comet‘s green if you want a fresh take on it. My personal suggestion would be to add blue and create a New York Mets/Knicks or even Denver Broncos type-design.

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Hey guys, with the incoming colorization of the Venus Sparrows, I thought I'd give them an upgraded logo. Only thing, I can't decide on the colors. They all have the same orange that the Sparrows currently have, just with a new color that probably would become the primary color. The orange represents the vibrant clouds that cover the planet. So here's six choices below. Some were per your suggestions, while others were my own addition. 


A - Maroon. There haven't been a maroon team yet and I thought the Sparrows would be an ideal choice for them. Plus, the dark red would also represent the dark mountains on the surface of the stormy planet. Only ding is that the Venus Reign already has red, but I think it's ok. The White Sox are Black, white and "red" to a certain extent, while the Cubs are blue and red


B - Brown and orange, like the Cleveland Browns, and my old alma mater college. Plus, brown and orange is a great color combination that's rarely used. Not sure what the color brown would represent, other than the fact that it goes good with orange. If you want to think up of a reason, feel free to do so! 


C - Navy blue. Per @SpartanDesigns's suggestion of the Denver Broncos scheme. It's another solid color combo. The only ding is that I just don't feel like Venus could have a blue team, unless it's a light blue. Light blue doesn't mesh well with orange for a sports team in my opinion. 


D - Teal. I know it could look like a little too much like Miami Dolphins (not complaining). But the teal could represent the feminine side, since Venus herself was the goddess of love. Plus, it feels very Mediterranean-like, which is the majority of the planet population's heritage. 


E - Green/dark green. Per Red Comet's suggestion, the green could stand for the Goddess of Fertility, which Venus also was herself. 


F - See C




If you ask me, my top three choices (probably in this order) is D, B, G. 


EDIT: Ok, I think I lied. I just tried a light blue/orange combo and I think it looks decent. Throwing it in here just in case too. The light blue is strong enough to stand on its own and can represent the feminine side of Venus and the Mediterranean culture as well. Let's label it G.



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G is my favorite.

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1. A

2. G

3. E

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I'm gonna join the chorus of G's. To me, light blue is the only one that lets the orange really shine too, although I'd understand if you want them to move away from the orange.

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Hi everybody! Looks like G is the overwhelming favorite, and I'm inclined to agree! 


I've already designed the new uniform set with the light blue and orange, although there will be more orange than you expected. I still want them to save the orange because whenever I think of Venus, I think orange. The light blue will be an accent color. 


Not sure when I'll post the set and the results for the 2523 season. I have things going on in "real life" back on good ole Earth. But I'll still be around if you want to discuss stuff though! 


Thanks everybody! 

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Powder blue on road?  I think it would make a good look especially since that's one of the team colors...

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2523 Season




Season Recap


The Earth Astronauts picked up their first regular-season title since 2519. They may have a young superstar in the making in 25-year old first baseman Ramon Poston, who won the batting title with an average of .368. He also led the league with 231 hits and .961 OPS… The Mercury Mets finished one game behind the Astronauts, forcing them to host a Wild Card game. Their offense was a little underpowered, but their pitching staff was strong, as they led the AL with 3.96 ERA. 38-year old veteran pitcher Aaron Williams led the league in innings pitched (227.2), strikeouts (168), and WHIP (1.05)… In their first season in the Astro League, the Jupiter Kings picked up right where they left off in the Cosmo League, appearing in the postseason for the eighth time in nine season. Funny enough, their offense was worse than the Mets, but their pitching was better than the Mets too, as they led the league in at least seven pitching categories. 37-year old pitcher Toichiro Saito seemed to get better with age, as he led the league with an ERA of 3.10 and 16 wins. Shortstop Nate Reppert racked up 59 stolen bases and 218 hits on the season… Longtime SLB superstars Rob Beckman, Bubba Forrest, and Kyle Recupero all retired prior to the 2523 season. They’re all very likely to enter the Hall of Fame on their first ballot.


The Venus Reign picked up their third straight regular-season title, although with just 87 victories. As a team, they led the league with 3.90 ERA behind the arms of Mario Reynoso, Jason Menter, and Cesar Lowe, who all finished with 190+ innings. 23-year old rookie third baseman Basava Umakanta collected 108 RBIs with 22 homers while slashing a line of .313/.350/.475… The Mendez Islanders returned to the postseason for the first time since 2518. 26-year old outfielder Johnny Haist had a breakout season by leading the league with .909 OPS… Despite a losing record, the Kennedy Rockets were able to sneak into the postseason after beating out the Ganymede Giants and Titan Scorpions by one game. Ace Mario Main came out of nowhere and tossed 238.1 innings to rack up 20 wins, 207 strikeouts, an ERA of 2.76 and a WAR of 5.7, all good for the league lead. Longtime first baseman Tom Kirby, one of the game’s consistent players, finished in the top three of many categories, including OBP, OPS, hits, total bases, and walks.



All-Solar Game





It was basically the Takatsugu Nakasone’s against the Cosmo League All-Solar team, as the Astro League All-Solar team won the game 12-4. Nakasone, the cleanup hitter from the Mars Warriors, had SEVEN RBIs in this game, coming from two separate three-run homers and an RBI double. He did all that damage in the first three innings. The Astro team had 15 hits while the Cosmo team had 11 hits altogether.


Astro League Starting Lineup (in July 2523)

1.    SS Dante Nunez, Luna

2.    3B Mike Lazcano, Earth

3.    2B Jacob Havens, Mercury

4.    RF Takatsugu Nakasone, Mars

5.    1B Ramon Poston, Earth

6.    C Nick Miller, Earth

7.    CF Manny Perez, Mercury

8.    LF William Shepard, Mercury

9.    DH Ramon A. Elias, Ceres


SP. Nick Businelle, Luna


Cosmo League Starters (in July 2523)

1.    SS Ben Mapstone, Valles Marineris

2.    DH Geoerge O’Donohue, Venus R.

3.    2B Jon Marquez, Kennedy

4.    CF Phil Price, Ganymede

5.    1B Tom Kirby, Kennedy

6.    RF Mario Jimenez, Titan

7.    LF Chris Komorowski, Valles Marineris

8.    3B Eddie Centeno, Titan

9.    C Victor Cortez, Titan


SP. Luke Herring, Titan




Astro League

Reliever of the Year       RP David Bolin, Earth

Rookie of the Year         RF Armando Grba, Luna

Manager of the Year      MG Austin Oakes, Earth

Pitcher of the Year         SP Toichiro Saito, Jupiter

Most Valuable Player    SS Jacob Havens, Mercury


Cosmo League

Reliever of the Year       RP Zack Mooney, Mendez

Rookie of the Year         3B Basava Umakanta, Venus

Manager of the Year      MG Paul Stearman, Mendez

Pitcher of the Year         SP Mario Main, Kennedy

Most Valuable Player    1B Tom Kirby, Kennedy


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2523 Postseason


Wild Card Games


It was a heartbreaker for the Jupiter Kings, as they surrendered five runs in the final two innings to the Mercury Mets. The Mercury Mets scored two runs in the 8th inning to tie the game, then had a three-run, walk-off homer from Junepi Nakai to clinch the AWCG with the score of 6-3.


The Kennedy Rockets used timely hits to pickup a 5-3 victory over the Mendez Islanders in the CWCG. Rockets starter Jake Toppel pitched seven innings and allowed one run on four hits while striking out seven to pick up the game MVP honors. Rockets first baseman Tom Kirby picked up two RBIs, including a solo shot in the ninth inning.


League Championship Series


In the ALCS, the Earth Astronauts faced a long-time rival Mercury Mets. The Astronauts rode the arm of pitcher Tyler Schultz, returning from a torn UCL, as he led the team to a series victory in six games. In 13 innings, Schultz allowed just one run and struck out 12. He won Game 1 and Game 5. He was named the series MVP.


For the third straight season, the Venus Reign earned a spot in the Galactic Series by defeating the Kennedy Rockets in five games. This series earned a place in SLB lore with a 16-inning affair in Game 2. In the top of the 15th inning, the Rockets went ahead with a two-runs single from Trevor Wilson. In the bottom of the 15th inning, the Reign responded with a two-run homer from Ron Franklin to tie the game. In the bottom of the 16th, Jeremy Jobe, who entered the game as a pinch-hitter in the 8th inning, hit a walk-off solo homer. Overall, the series MVP went to shortstop Lev Agayan who collected six RBIs on 11 hits.


Galactic Series


The Earth Astronauts picked up their sixth Galactic Series title in franchise history by beating two-times defending champions Venus Reign four games to two. Game 2 featured a walk-off homer by the Astronauts’ first baseman Ramon Poston to lift Earth to a 9-8 victory. The Reign managed to win Game 3 and 5 to force the series back to Houston, Earth, where the Astronauts clinched the title. Poston was named the series MVP with two homers and four RBIs while batting .360 on nine hits. The Astronauts’ six Galactic titles are also the most in SLB history.


Game-by-Game Results


G1 – Earth 6, Venus R. 2

G2 – Earth 9, Venus R. 8

G3 – Venus R. 1, Earth 0

G4 – Earth 7, Venus R. 5

G5 – Venus R. 3, Earth 2

G6 – Earth 4, Venus R. 2




Past Galactic Series


2522 – Venus R. over Venus S., 4-2

2521 – Venus R. over Ceres, 4-3

2520 – Ganymede over Mercury, 4-3

2519 – Earth over Jupiter, 4-2

2518 – Mercury over Venus R., 4-1

2517 – Jupiter over Venus S., 4-3

2516 – Mars over Mendez, 4-2

2515 – Ceres over Jupiter, 4-3

2514 – Luna over Mendez, 4-3

2513 – Mercury over Mendez, 4-3

2512 – Mendez over Luna, 4-1

2511 – Ceres over Luna, 4-3

2510 – Luna over Earth, 4-3

2509 – Luna over Mars, 4-1

2508 – Mars over Luna, 4-2

2507 – Luna over Mars, 4-3

2506 – Mars over Earth, 4-2

2505 – Mars over Earth, 4-1

2504 – Mars over Mercury, 4-1

2503 – Earth over Mercury, 4-1

2502 – Earth over Mercury, 4-0

2501 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2

2500 – Earth over Mercury, 4-2


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For the Venus Sparrows: I like B, D, and G.

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Are you going to post the All Solar game uniforms?

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