Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 50th Anniversary Overall Standings

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D is gorgeous, but C gets my vote because of the red due to this:

The ancient Egyptian palette was formed around six main colour groups: green(wadj); red (desher); blue (irtyu or khesbedj); yellow (khenet or kenit); white (hedj or shesep); and black (kem). The ancient Egyptians used mineral compounds to add colour to their art.


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A for me, but that blue from D is gorgeous and I really would like to see you use it elsewhere, perhaps.

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5 hours ago, RoughRiders99 said:

I need to decide on a color scheme, and I was hoping that you guys would help me out! I do want to avoid Yellow and Black because that's currently the Mercury Mets' color scheme. Horus would be Mercury's newest "natural interleague rival." 


Just let me know what you think. Thanks!!




A - Orange/Brown

B - Purple/Teal

C - Red/Navy

D - Turquoise/Brown


They all have gold/yellow/tan tertiary color in them as well. 

I think A is the best color scheme. Although I thought black and yellow would be a good color scheme, I did think about the similarity to the Mets.

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Thanks everybody! I'm going to go with A for the team colors for Horus, while I save D for another team down the road. Europa revival? A new Saturn team? Who knows!? 

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2548 Expansion Info


This is it! The time has finally come for the 2548 expansion post!


The first four teams are all new teams located on Earth, two Lagrange Islands, and the second-largest asteroid planet in the Asteroid Belt. The next four teams all are either relocated and minor rebrands for Europa, Mendez, Vallles Marineris, and Ursula. 


I will be making a league realignment post, which should be up in the next day or two. 


Hope you enjoy them! C+C's always are appreciated! Thank you! 


PUA Empire

Behind the Name: With the return of the Far East team on Earth, PUA is making a small change to their name. No longer the Emperors, they will be named the Empire in order to make it more encompassing and inclusive.
Stadium: The old PUA Emperors were based in Tokyo, Japan in the newest version of the TokyoDome. But the Empire will become something of a traveling team of sorts. They’ll have home games in several locations in Japan, China, and Korea. This is being done in order to give all fans in the Far East an opportunity to view their newest favorite team. A majority of their home games will still be held at the TokyoDome. 
Logo and Colors: It is essentially a reboot of the old Emperors uniforms, but with gold instead of navy blue. The team wanted to avoid using blue in their scheme, as there’s already too many teams with blue in their colors. There is also a new “PUA” logo on the alternate jersey that will be used both at home and on road.
Ye asked for the return of the Emperors, ye shall receive!




Harmony 1’s
Behind the Name: Playing on a Lagrange Island named Harmony One, it was almost a no-brainer that the team would be called the 1’s. As the capital of the SUN, Harmony One gets all kinds of travelers from all corners of the solar system and they all work together as ONE to create the best possible life for every SUN citizen.
Stadium: Being one of the most richest locations in the solar system, Harmony Park is possibly has the most modern and sleek feel in the SLB. The size of the stadium itself is quite cozy, as it was built on a simple city block. Nestled right in the heart of downtown, Harmony One’s bustling skyline is right in the stadium’s face as their defining feature. The park was immediately awarded the best city views ahead of the LunarDome and Kennedy Field.
This stadium is akin to Target Field, PNC Park, Charlotte’s BB&T BallPark, only more… WHOA FUTURE!!!
Logo and Colors: Keeping things simple, the Harmony 1’s took inspiration from the official SUN Flag to use yellow and blue as their team colors. The “1’s” is enclosed inside a circle to represent the harmony of life and the togetherness that Harmony One provides. Plus, a circle has one side! Inside the H of “HARMONY” on their jersey, H and 1 are fused together to create a monogram.
For reference, the Lagrange Island location itself is known as Harmony One, while the baseball team name itself is Harmony 1’s. Like how it’s the 49ers, not the Forty-Niners.




Nolan Engineers
Behind the Name: Due to Nolan Station’s roots in creating the Wave Gates, the “airports” of the SUN, and serving as a major fueling and service station for starships in the SUN, they have a strong engineering community on the space station. Therefore, the team is called the Engineers.
Stadium: Given all of the climate control technology that the SUN has, there basically is no reason to have a fully “indoor” stadium. Many teams have an “outdoor” stadium with certain restrictions on weather, such as scheduling rainstorms around games and whatnot. There also are clear day games and night games with sunsets and so on.
The Engineers have decided to go against the norm and build a fully indoor stadium! Built to look like a starship hangar, there is a lot of gray and industrial look all around the stadium. The stadium will still be “open-air” beyond the outfield, with sweeping views of outer space, busy starship lanes, and the blue marble in the sky, Earth, looming over the outfield wall. The stadium will be dubbed the Nolan Baseball Bay.
Logo and Colors: During the name-the-team process for the Nolan team, there were several favorites that emerged early; Engineers, Monkeys (as in grease monkeys), and Pilots. So the team decided to combine all three of them! A monkey with an aviator hat and glasses called the Engineers! The team will also be the only team with gray as a primary color. And they will become the first SLB team to be allowed to wear their road grays at HOME too, as an “alternate” jersey. Their shade of gray is also a little darker than the normal shade that the other SLB teams usually wear. 
Of the new teams I’ve worked on this expansion round, the Engineers are probably my favorite!



Vesta Falcons
Behind the Name: During the 21st century, William Shakespeare’s work were among the most highly literatures of the times. Fast forward 500 years, the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas has elevated into the same conversation of Shakespeare’s work. The owner of the Vesta Falcons took the name from the most famous ship of these films, the Millennium Falcon.
Stadium: Similar to the Ceres Belters, the stadium is built deep underground inside the asteroid planet of Vesta. Using holographic technology, the stadium is able to project and simulate real-life environment on the surrounding roofs and walls. 
Logo and Colors: Taking the light gray and the glowing blue lights from the Millennium Falcon and the dark blue of space itself, the Falcons are dark gray, light gray and light blue too. An icon of the Falcon is seen flying around Vesta with a retro military-like font.
This was the team I was stuck on the most. I felt like I tried to do too much with the Vesta Falcons, so I tried to simplify it a little bit. But in the end, I still feel like there’s work still to be done here. I’m not a huge fan of the double gray, and I want the Nolan Engineers to be known as The Gray Team. I could appreciate some feedbacks on the Falcons and how to make it more “Star Warsy.” Perhaps the Falcons could undergo a minor rebranding in the future, similar to how the Tampa Bay Devil Rays went from gradient logos to green-black scheme in their earlier days. I simply want to do my most favorite character (Yes, the Falcon is a character herself) from Star Wars of all time justice.






Horus Pharaohs (formerly Europa Mastodons)
Behind the Name: When Horus Island, the first permanent space station orbiting the sun, opened several years ago, people knew that they wanted to go with a mid-eastern and or Egyptian theme. So after a brief fan poll, the citizens of Horus voted on the Pharaohs to name the relocated team from Europa.
Stadium: Due to its proximity and being on a space station, Horus Stadium will be having “dusk” or “twilight” games at almost all times. Horus Island has a special device that will still allow the players and fans view the looming star in its full colors, but at a brightness that won’t damage their eyes.  
Logo and Colors: Knowing they wanted to avoid black and yellow due to the Mercury Mets, the nearest SLB team and their inevitable natural rivals, the Pharaohs decided to go with orange and brown with a hint of gold in their scheme. The orange stands for the bright sun and the heat that can be found in the Mideast. The brown is for the dirt, sand, and rocks that were used to build the pyramids. The gold represents the nobility of the ancient pharaohs on Earth.




Mendez Islanders
Not happy with their recent branding, the Islanders decided to avoid the paradise lifestyle and focused on the nightlife of Mendez, which features nightclubs, dancing, and exotic neon colors. So the Islanders underwent a rebrand that reflected that. They also have a new feature in their logo set, a swordfish.
Like, I’m not even going to hide it. I totally stole what the Marlins did IRL again. I just hope that I made the Islanders’ uniforms look… better… than what the Marlins just unveiled recently.






Bradbury Rays of Valles Marineris
After several straight years of losing, the Valles Mariners Canyons has decided to rebrand themselves to the Bradbury Rays of Valles Marineris. The Canyons have always played in Bradbury, the largest city along the rims of the Valles Mariners canyons, since their inaugural season. The name Rays come from a famous sci-fi author from Earth, Ray Bradbury, who penned The Martian Chronicles.
After seeing the Utah Jazz’s “sunrise” city edition uniforms, I immediately fell in love with them. I wanted to give the team a sunshine ray feel, while keeping the red Mars desert theme. I thought the Jazz uniforms did it brilliantly. So I took ideas from several teams and put together this new set. I think I like it a lot! I originally had this made a while ago, but the Canyons had like 5 straight 100-win seasons at the time, so I held it off until now.  






Ursula Majors
The Majors underwent a minor change, brightening their midnight blue to more a steel gray blue and updating their cap logo to a more legible “U” logo. The other colors and uniforms elements remained the same.
I didn’t want to do too much with them. I just didn’t like the original UM logo they had. It was too hard to make sense of before.




Whew! That's eight teams almost all-new teams! It's like re-designing a mini-league within the SLB! 

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Give me Harmony as my favorite expansion team too! You’ve really knocked these identities out of the park, it’s hard to chose a favorite tbh. I’d say Ursula is the only one I have problems with seeing as their logo is now kinda boring. But holy :censored: Mendez! It’s the best out of every team yet imo, million times better than what the marlins went with irl.


Also; Vesta with baby blue hat would make it more of a blue rather than grey team, I love that color too.

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Wow! Every team here is simply stunning, except for the Majors. I like the new colors, not a big fan of the new logo. It loses what made the team unique to begin with. That having been said, YES PUA is back. I love the red/gold scheme, and I can't wait to see a glorious new Empire rise in the SLB! Harmony is great, Nolan is very good, and Vesta is also very good. I like the double gray/light blue scheme, and I think there's not much more you can do here. Pharaohs look awesome, and I love the new Rays look (I too am a big fan of the Jazz sunrise jerseys). Great work!

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SLB Realignment and Schedule Format Announced
Playoff Format T.B.D.



Today, the league has announced the realignments of their teams into new divisions. The league will continue to have two leagues, the Astro League and the Cosmo League. Within each league, they will have two divisions of six teams each. The division names are also rumored to change due to the number of changes that will be occurring.
In the Astro League, the “Original Six” teams of the SLB all will reunite to form a singular division. The teams are the following; Mercury Mets, Venus Sparrows, Earth Astronauts, Luna Apollos, Mars Warriors, and the Ceres Belters. This is basically the exact copy of the Enterprise Division, simply with the addition of the Belters.
“This was one of our main goals when we announced the league was expanding,” the Commissioner said. “We wanted to get the original six teams back together. It just feels right to us.”
Over in the other division in the Astro League is where things start to get a little crazy. Only two teams from the Endeavour Division, the Jupiter Kings and the Ursula Majors, would “remain” in this division. The Ganymede Giants and Pluto Hounds are switching leagues to join this division. The two expansion Lagrange teams, the Harmony 1’s and the Nolan Engineers, will round out the division.
“This division will serve as the ‘outer division’ of the Astro League,” the Commissioner commented.
Why are the Lagrange teams in this division? Travel reasons, and team pairings.
“Due to the high travel numbers to and from the Lagrange Islands, and the number of flights coming in and out of there everyday to the outer planets, we felt it was a logical decision to add the Lagrange teams to the ‘outer division.’”
For instance, from Mars to Pluto, there are one to two direct flights daily. While from the Lagrange Islands to Pluto, there are at least a dozen direct flights daily.
Another reason why the Lagrange teams are in this division is to give each team a pairing in three “two-team pods.” They are Harmony-Nolan, Jupiter-Ganymede, and Ursula-Pluto. So if Ursula goes on a long road trip, they could face both the Lagrange teams on one trip.
Over in the Cosmo League, the layout is almost identical to the Astro League for the same reasons.
In the inner division of the Cosmo League, the teams are the following; Horus Pharaohs, Venus Reign, PUA Empire, Kennedy Rockets, Bradbury Rays, and Vesta Falcons.
In the ‘outer division’ of the Cosmo League, the Pamoja Guardians, Mendez Islanders, Callisto Cubs, Io Vulcans, Titan Scorpions, and Neptune Mariners will be residing there. The “two-team pods” of this division are Pamoja-Mendez, Callisto-Io, and Titan-Neptune.
Several teams switched leagues to make this new layout work. Why?
Ganymede switched leagues to rejoin their old expansion rival Jupiter. To limit two Jovian teams per division, Callisto and Io had to move over to the Cosmo League. Also, the league wanted to limit the divisions to two Outer Planets each, so Pluto jumped over to the Astro League for this reasons.


Plus, now everybody has a "natural interleague" rival, such as Mercury-Horus, Luna-Kennedy, Ceres-Vesta, Pluto-Neptune. 






With new teams and divisional layout, that means there’s also a new schedule format.
A team will face their five divisional rivals for 18 games (90 games), the six teams in the other division within their league for six games (36 games), and finally the 12 teams in the other league for three games (36 games) for a total of 162 games.




“We’ve thought long and hard about the possibility of expanding the playoffs to 10 or even 12 teams, but I think right now at this point, it will remain at eight teams,” the Commissioner said. “We want to keep the regular season important and the more teams there are in the playoffs, the more it diminishes the regular season. But we are definitely open to expanding the playoffs in the future if the status quo calls for it.”
That doesn’t mean the playoff format wouldn’t change. The league is entertaining the idea of changing it from a league playoff to “divisional” playoffs. That means instead of two division winners, two wild card teams like it is now, the first round would pit the top two teams in each division in a best-of-five divisional championship. The winners of that would face each other in the League Championship Series, then the winners of those would face each other in the Galactic Series like usual.
A decision on this will be made soon.


RoughRiders99's Notes/Disclaimers: 


Phew! That probably seems like a lot to take in! But basically, the gist is that I realigned the league to put the Original Six teams back together in one division, and everything else sorta fell into places after that.


So what am I asking from you?


  • Ideas for new divisional names (Astro-Cosmo will remain). I'm perfectly fine with naming them the Inner and Outer Division, but I can't help but think of innie-outie belly buttons, lol. We could keep the Enterprise-Endeavour-Sputnik-Soyuz names, but I feel like the divisions changed too much to keep the names. The divisions are identified by A, B, C, D in the image above for reference.  
  • And thoughts on the playoffs format. Do you prefer "conference playoffs" where it's the two division winners and two wild cards, regardless of division, as it currently is ~OR~ the top two division teams face each other in a mini "divisional championship" in the first round. I believe the NHL are doing something similar to this. I want to keep it at 8 for now. The next round of expansions, more teams will be added to the playoffs for sure, no question.  


I think that's all for now! Thank you so much for all of your help! It is always appreciated! 

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I'm thinking naming the divisions after famous astronauts (e.g. Gagarin and Armstrong divisions) and having the top two teams in the division play each other in the first round. Really adds to the rivalry aspect that it looks like you are wanting with reuniting the Original 6 again. My two cents, though.

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Division Name Ideas:




Aldrin Division (Enterprise)


Shepard Division (Endeavor)




Gargarin Division (Sputnik)


Komarov Division (Soyuz)


Also, make the playoffs the same as MLB Today. In other words: add AL and CL Wildcard Games.

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Thanks guys. I've gone ahead and simmed the 2548 season with the all new teams and their new looks. The division names will remain the same for now. I've decided to hang onto these names until I finally add a 3rd division to each league someday down the roads. The playoffs format will be "divisional championship series," then "league championship series," then the Galactic Series. I'll try to post the results by tomorrow or Wednesday! 

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The Vesta Falcons were met with a huge backlash from Star Wars fans on the asteroid planet Vesta and across the SUN for not feeling "Star Wars-y" enough. The owner, who also is a Star Wars fan, had the team go through a brief redesign and they unveiled it today at the Falcon Hangar Docking Bay 94 (stadium) in Port Vesta. Gone is the muted colors of dark gray, light gray, and a boring light blue. The new colors that are in are now dark space blue with a vibrant orange that contrasts with the dark blue quite nicely. The font is also based on the famous Star Wars logo that flies through space at the beginning of the movies.  






RR99's note: After I was cleaning my house today, I had an epiphany when I came across one of my favorite blankets. I looked at it and I realized I had to do something similar to this. So... after a few hours at work, this is what I came up for the Vesta Falcons 2.0! I really like this new set better than the previous one that I made. 

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Disappointed the blue is gone, feels like a mix of Io and Mendez, can’t wait wait for the blue to come back.

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Boo to the Falcon Hangar! Docking Bay 94 would be much more appropriate. ;)

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Hey guys, sorry if there haven't been a post for a few days. I just got sidetracked the last couple of days. Do not fret! I still haven't forgotten about this project, of course. Just not sure when the next post will come up. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, that's all. 

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2548 Season


Divisional Quick Recaps


AL Enterprise Division

  • The Earth Astronauts racked up their sixth 100-win season in as many years behind the outstanding pitching by Rich Gates, who posted a 1.97 ERA over 215 innings for a 10.8 WAR season, third highest all-time for a pitcher in a season. Gates also holds the record with 11.7 WAR, posted just last season.
  • The Luna Apollos have been one of the steadiest team in the SLB for the last decade or so, but the powerhouse Astronauts always has eclipsed them. They’ll be in the postseason again for the 7th time in 8 years.
  • The Venus Sparrows finished tied with the Pluto Hounds for the 4th best record in the Astro League, but due to new SLB Postseason Format rules, the Sparrows will miss the postseason.
  • In their return to the Original Six division, the Ceres Belters improved by 14 wins to pick their way to an 84-win season.
  • The Mercury Mets and the Mars Warriors rounded out rest of the division.


AL Endeavour Division

  • In a new look Endeavour Division, the Jupiter Kings took advantage of their experience in the division and showed them who were the kings, as they rolled to a 105-win season. It is their first time winning 100+ games since 2518.
  • In their first year in the Astro League, it didn’t seem to bother the Pluto Hounds, as they finished 2nd in the division to clinch a postseason berth.
  • Reunited with their rivals, the Ganymede Giants had a solid season at 82-80.
  • In their season debut, the Nolan Engineers had the best record of the four expansion teams. Ramon Stoops led the league with 47 homers and 38 doubles.
  • The Harmony 1’s finished just one game ahead of the Ursula Majors for the last two spots of the division.


CL Sputnik Division

  • Taking advantage of a weak division with FOUR new look teams, the Venus Reign gained control of the Sputnik with 107 wins for the best record in the SLB.
  • Kennedy Rockets, one of the two teams that didn’t change their looks, landed in second place and the postseason.
  • The Bradbury Rays had a ray of hope with a winning season after five straight losing seasons. However, despite finishing with the 4th best record in the Cosmo, they missed the postseason due to the new postseason rules.
  • The Vesta Falcons had the 2nd best record of the four expansion teams, finishing with respectable 74 wins.
  • Despite being an experienced team compared to the expansion teams, the Horus Pharaohs (formerly Europa Mastodons), dimmed to a 70-win season.
  • In their first season back in the league, the PUA Empire finished at an embarrassing but expected record of 57-105.


CL Soyuz Division

  • With the absence of the Giants and Hounds, the Neptune Mariners are looking to become THE team of the Soyuz, taking first place with 90 wins.
  • The Pamoja Guardians lucked their way into the postseason under the new format rules with 82 wins.
  • The Callisto Cubs and the Titan Scorpions each finished with 80 wins.
  • The new-look Mendez Islanders swam to fifth place while the Io Vulcans finished in last. 



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