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14 hours ago, Digby said:


Yeah, that's what I'm figuring. Pardon the incoming rant, but...


The previous cycle saw the US have *four* kits. Initial white with light blue sleeves, the black away, the red third that effectively replaced the black away, and the striped Gold Cup kit. The latter two of those were hardly even used on the pitch. I guess we should count our blessings that they didn't see fit to give the women a separate kit set anymore. But it's all just too much considering how little national teams play; two kits per two-year cycle is plenty!


And given all the turnover, I think typefaces could hypothetically be a nice area of consistency and branding through the years. It was nice when the US wore the same typeface from 2006 to 2013 or so, even with different styles applied based on Nike's gimmick of the year, it still stood out. But since then we had block numbers then thinner block numbers then those goofy puffy round numbers and now the current one. It's all too much! I know everyone's here to make money but these maneuvers seem more likely to confuse the marketplace than anything else. Ah well.


14 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

Changing the crest didn't help either. It doesn't say soccer specifically and has been used by the more obscure Olympic sports as a stand-in for the simple US flag with initials underneath it that those teams usually get now. 


14 hours ago, Digby said:


Oh totally. Feels like the USSF rebrand turned into a "be careful what you wish for" sort of thing. The old one was as bad as everyone says, of course, but the new one's genericness, coupled with the traditional lack of a kit identity being cycled through more quickly than ever ... the program just kind of lost its way identity-wise, and that's before even talking about what's happened on the pitch!


As a Korean-American, I made the decision back in 2000 as a child to support my roots and support Korea Republic instead of the USMNT (on a side note, I was at the Korea-USA 2002 WC match in Daegu and I was under the giant Korean flag, but in the sea of Koreans I did still sing the star bangled banner as a 10 year old haha), so your opinions are more insightful than mine on the US haha. I do agree that 2 kits for National teams are plenty. I don't like third and special kits for national teams since there are on average only 10 matches per year. Of course Nike want to give third kits to "bigger" federations to make more money, but most traditional football nations like France and Brazil will never wear them even if they get one. Part of me is glad that Korea is considered a "smaller" federation and we don't get extra kits, but Nike did make a big change with our black shorts this time, which gained popularity once we beat Germany, but smaller federation also means, less availability worldwide and we don't get new tech either.


I like the US crest but it does indeed look a little too generic olympic style rather than football, I wish they had a good middle ground between current one and the one from before. I do think this cycle is one of the best USA looks though, at least the home kit. Away kit is a little meh but better than many kits that were at the WC.



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