Oklahoma City Thunder Nike Concept (Court + Uniforms)

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Okay so I am posting for the first time in about 7 months... back when i used to use paint to make concept jerseys.... I have gotten better at designing and I decided to put my skills to use on my favorite basketball team, the Oklahoma City  Thunder.


Unlike many, I have always loved the Thunder's colorway and most of their uniform sets. Especially the away uniform. Anyway, I always felt like there could be a little bit of flare added to their uniforms.


The designs I created take inspiration from the current Nike sets that they have right now as well as looking past to retro 90s uniforms. Take a look. The uniforms go as followed:

White Association uniform, blue Icon uniform, Sunset uniform, and Thunderstorm city uniform




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That isn't too bad for a MS Paint concept. idk how I feel about the city skyline being on the jerseys, I feel that should be reserved for the bigger name cities but other than that, not too bad. I like the choice for the OKC font since it is somewhat unique

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