2018 College Lacrosse Uniforms/Equipment Thread

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College lacrosse season is somehow just 11 days away (#SPRINGSPORT) and with LaxCon this weekend some new gear has been popping up. Teams have been pretty consistent on uniform design the past couple of years in contrast to earlier in the decade when things were getting a bit out of control, but there's still a few big changes up coming. I tend to care more on the jersey side than the helmet side, so I'll dive into two big ones first.


UNC's got new jerseys from Nike and... well, that sublimination effect on the back isn't subliminal in the least


Johns Hopkins finally becomes the last Maryland school to switch over to Under Armour in D-1 lax and they're going a bit traditional. Interesting to see them go away from the old Maple Leaf numbers, though



And it looks like 3D helmet decals are going to be a thing this year, with Penn State and Syracuse looking like they're among the ones to be using them


So let's see what everyone else has up their sleeves this year. Nike's generally gone simpler in recent years, Under Armour's had some good looks up their sleeves, and New Balance went surprisingly conservative and good once they rebranded all the Warrior teams, so we're due for some big clunkers this season :P

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