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4 hours ago, Cujo said:


I will give NBC credit for not being 100% boring (ABC, FOX), just have never loved the current peacock.


Pretty sure if NBC were a cable/premium channel, with all the constant rebranding, it'd have been modified and updated long ago.

There's still HBO, CNN and ESPN that have all remained fairly consistent since the early-mid 80s.

But I take it you prefer this peacock?


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On 5/20/2018 at 9:12 AM, BelfourThibault said:


I don’t really watch the channel, but I’ve of course seen it while flipping through channels. The programming seems...interesting...but aside from that, what’s so bad about it?

The big problem in my opinion with MNT is that it couldn't fill the void left by UPN when it merged into the CW with the WB. They had some original shows for at least 6-7 years, but that fell apart and now the network is no different than a local independent station, better yet, more like FX on your antenna without its own shows. There's nothing but TV reruns, the occasional movies, special episodes of Dateline, and whatever syndicated stuff your station brought to the daily schedule.

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